Jackson set to see Nebraska

It's a big week for Klein (Texas) Collins. This is the week that they play Oak. Oak is literally five to ten minutes away from Collins and according to Charles Jackson there's a lot of places in between that they seem to bump into one another. Drew Svoboda agrees it's an important week and says that his players need to be thinking about the season and not recruiting.

Klein (Texas) Collins is off to a good start, but Head Coach Drew Svoboda knows the road is going to start to get bumpy this week. This week it's a cross-town rival for Collins.

"We are 3-0 so far this season," Head Coach Drew Svoboda said. "We have a really tough one coming up. We play Oak this Thursday."

One of the big reasons Collins is off to such a good start is Charles Jackson. Jackson has been a little quiet about recruiting, but he's been on a visit already this year.

"I don't really know a lot. I ask my players to focus on the season, but I am not sure that a lot has changed with Charles to be honest.

"I know that he backed off of a summer decision and planning to take some trips through the season. I know that he went to Oklahoma for the Florida State game and really liked it."

While Jackson isn't really doing a lot when it comes to recruiting he's been on the one trip and goes on another this weekend. Jackson said he really liked what he saw at Oklahoma.

"Recruiting is going great," Jackson said. "I go to Arkansas this coming weekend or next weekend, I forgot. I have already been to see Oklahoma.

"Oklahoma was great. Their fans were great at the Florida State game. There were 85,000 of them in there and I also really liked the coaches."

There is still another visit planned for Jackson and this may be the last trip that Jackson takes. He won't be alone on this trip. He will likely make the trip with David Santos who is a team mate.

"I am going to see Nebraska on October 16th for the Texas game. I am pretty sure that David (Santos) will be there as well. I think that he is coming that weekend.

"He's talked to me about Nebraska and he's told me Nebraska is the place to be, but he knows that it's my decision. I know that they have new players' dorms and I want to see them."

Nebraska was on national TV for the first time this weekend and won in convincing fashion against Washington, 56-21. Jackson came impressed with Nebraska and their quarterback.

"I DVRd the Nebraska game this past weekend and I just finished watching it. Their quarterback looks really good. I like their team. I can't believe he's on a redshirt freshman."

While Jackson talks about recruiting he's really about his own season. He knows how big the game is for him and his team this Thursday.

"I am looking forward to Oak on Thursday. It's our rivalry, our biggest rivalry. Every game matters though, but this is our district opener. We get after it on Thursday night."

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