Huskers showing early interest

One of the top juniors in the state of Texas this year is Jeremiah Tshimanga, a 6-foot-3, 220 pound junior LB/DE hybrid from Richland high school. With major programs already showing interest, it's just a matter of time until the official offers come rolling in. We get his early impressions on the recruiting process, and much more, in this latest update with Big Red Report.

With high expectations and after getting off to a 3-1 start this season, Jeremiah Tshimanga and his teammates have put themselves in position to have a productive fall campaign.

"We are playing real good right now, the team has really come together this year. I tweaked my ankle so I didn't play much in our last game, but I'm ready to go this week. Our team has big goals for this season, so we have to take care of business this week if we want to get where we want to be."

Describe yourself as a player, and what positions do you play right now in high school?

"I don't play offense, just defense. We run a three man front, I play a little outside linebacker, and I put my hand on the ground and play some DE too. I can play either one, whatever the coaches need. I try to be a big hitter out there, just be aggressive at all times."

Are colleges looking at you for DE or LB?

"Most of the schools think I'm still getting bigger, so probably DE. My brother is 6-foot-6 around 260, and I've grown an inch or two already since last year. With me already at 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds, chances are I'll get bigger."

Tell me a little bit about yourself off the field, are you originally from Texas?

"No, I was born in Africa, the Congo region, we came over here when I was almost three. My dad came over first to get things set up, then me and my mom and brother came here after that. We started out in Houston and moved around a lot. We were in shelters here and there, we had it hard.

"Now I live with some friends so I can go to Richland, and my mom stays in Keller (TX) with my little sisters. I'm just trying to make it somewhere in life now, so I can help my family out."

How about your recruitment, how would you describe the process so far?

"It's been great so far, but I've got a big decision to make at some point. Right now I just try not to think about, I want to concentrate on my season, all that stuff is still a year away."

Are there any early favorites?

"I can't really say there are right now. I've never really followed college football, I don't really know a lot about these schools yet, I've always liked watching the NFL more.

"But I get a lot of mail from schools like Texas, Nebraska, LSU, Boise State, Texas A&M and Tech. There are others too, but I probably get the most mail from those schools. I want to learn as much about all these schools as I can. I was at the Texas/Texas Tech game last weekend, and I had a pretty good time. But I also want to get to these other schools and see what they're about."

And Jeremiah said he doesn't really have a plan when it comes to a commitment time frame, he plans to play it by ear and go on gut instinct.

"I haven't even really thought about it yet. I just want to learn about all these schools first, and what they do on defense you know? When it feels right I'll know, I wont hold back either."

I hear Nebraska has been recruiting you for a long time, is there any truth to that?

"Yes sir, I've been hearing from them since my freshman year, through the mail and stuff. I met one of the coaches too, I can't think of his name right now. I've seen him at my school every year though, since my freshman year, so I guess they like me.

"One time back then I was walking to the locker-room I think it was, and the coach's office is right there. My head coach was like ‘hey come here' and shake this mans hand and meet this guy. So I shook his hand and saw on his shirt he was from Nebraska. He just told me to keep working hard, and that I had a bright future.

"Then I saw him again my sophomore year. Then this spring he came again to watch me work a little, we couldn't really speak though. I still get mail from them all the time too."

Are you at all familiar with the Husker program?

"I honestly don't much yet, other that what I've seen on television. But as far as the school itself, no, I don't know much. But I want to learn more for sure, I'd like to get up there on a visit too. Maybe on an unofficial, if not, later with an official (visit)."

Have you thought at all about the criteria you'll be looking for, what are the most important things in your mind?

"Education number one without a doubt, I need my degree. The environment will be important too, I want to feel comfortable while I'm there on campus. Do they have a system set up were their player's progress, and do big things by going on to the next level after college? I'll be looking at that.

"And the people around the program as well, like how do they treat each other? Are these people, people I can trust? Just a lot of things really, most stuff I won't know until I take some visits."

Do you want to stay close to home for college, could you see yourself leaving for school?

"I can see myself going away for school with no problem, but at the same time if a school closer is a better fit I'd go there. I'm not even worrying at all about distance from here."

Jeremiah burst on the scene as a freshman player, when he amassed 30 sacks. Then his sophomore year, he was awarded defensive player of the year for his district. Big Red Report will continue to keep tabs on Jeremiah, as Nebraska has already shown legitimate interest in the talented play maker from the Lone Star State.

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