Scouting Report, Cortney Grixby National Recruiting Anyalst, Jamie Newberg, offers this in-depth scouting report on Cortney Grixby. After the film evaluation, where does Jamie believe he will rank early among the class of 2004?

When it comes to evaluating prospects among the Class of 2004, we are in the very early stages. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch a highlight film of Omaha (Ne.) Central High School star Cortney Grixby.

Grixby is a sensational looking athlete on tape. He has blazing speed, amazing quickness and vision, is extremely elusive and absolutely deadly in the open field. The highlight tape of Grixby was of him playing quarterback for his high school team. Grixby runs the option attack very well and when he dropped back to pass and things broke down, he was extremely hard to bring down and consistently made a positive or big play.

He is considered a cornerback prospect but looks like he could be a great receiver and kick returner at the next level. In the right offensive system, he could possibly play quarterback at the next level and does have a pretty good and accurate arm. Grixby has super explosion, uncanny footwork and great hips in the respect that he can move and turn so easy and naturally. Some of his runs were even on a wet surface and that didn't stop him either.

As mentioned above, we are in the early stages of our evaluation process but he looks to be like one of the top prospects from the Big 12 region and would have ranked extremely high in comparison to athletes in the previous class (2003).

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