Price rates Nebraska a "10"

One of the top remaining offensive line recruits for Nebraska is Givens Price from Houston (Texas) Taylor. Price was in for the South Dakota State game in Lincoln this past weekend and while it wasn't a dominating performance on the field for the Huskers it was a perfect weekend to Price.

One of the official visitors that was in Lincoln this weekend for Nebraska is already home. Givens Price said that they left Nebraska very early this morning.

"We just landed actually," Price said. "We took off from Omaha this morning around 6:30, went to Denver then to Houston. I slept the whole first flight."

The offensive lineman from Houston (Texas) Taylor came away impressed with the weekend. He liked the facilities, coaches and players.

"The trip was nice. I really liked how the stadium is set up and how the academic center is right there. It was a great experience for my first game. The coaches were great and getting to interact with the offensive linemen were nice."

Price is back home already because he was able to get in early for the weekend on Friday. He was able to do everything with the team on Friday night before the game on Saturday.

"We got up there on Friday afternoon; it was my bye week. I went to the team dinner and watched a movie as a team. We were able to do whatever until our curfew in the hotel."

On Saturday the day kicked off with a team breakfast where Price got to spend a lot of time with the team. After that he was on a tour and speaking to people related to the team and the program.

"I went to team breakfast and after that I went on a tour. I also spoke to the athletic and academic directors. I also spoke to the head coach, one on one, with my mom. Then they just showed us around."

Price said that he went to Nebraska with just his mother and that she really enjoyed her time in Lincoln. "My mom was the only other person that came with me. She really enjoyed the trip to Nebraska. She likes how they have the academic center set up."

The weekend went very well for Nebraska and Price. Price gave the weekend a perfect rating. He enjoyed the coaches and spending time with the offensive lineman the most.

"I would rate the trip a "10". I liked the food. They fed me a lot. The coaches were really nice, especially Mike Ekeler, because I was with him the most.

"My favorite part was probably breakfast with the lineman. I got to ask them a lot of questions about the school and how they like it. Most of them are not from Nebraska and I wanted to see how they liked it."

Price said that he couldn't think of anything that he would change about the weekend or Nebraska. "It was really nice. I enjoyed everything about the trip and the weekend. I honestly like Nebraska the way that it is."

While still a commitment to Rice, Price says that the Huskers are the top team on his list. He is going to talk to his coach about how to handle things with recruiting and Rice going forward.

"The commitment to Rice still stands, but I would say that Nebraska #1. I am not sure yet if I am going to decommit from Rice or not yet. I have to talk to my coach about that. That is going to be a really difficult thing to do."

When Price got to Nebraska he was weighed and measured. A little short for an offensive tackle recruit, but there is some pretty good reason to believe that he is not done growing yet.

"When I got there I weighed in at 274 and I was just a little over 6-foot-3.5. They said that they are recruiting me to play offensive tackle. I am just 15 years old. I turn 16 next Sunday.

"I skipped my 4th and 7th grades just because of my intelligence. I was able to basically test out of those classes. I want to major in sports science and possibly become and arthroscopic surgeon."

Price has spoken about taking more trips, but those are going to have to wait now until a weekend after the season. A final decision is on hold until after the season and some additional trips can be made.

"I probably won't make any more trips until after my season. Most of my games from here are on Friday night so I will have to wait. As far as my decision I will probably make my final decision in December.

"I am going to think about things for now. Nebraska said there is no rush for me to commit and that I should just continue to keep looking at them.

While in Lincoln this weekend Price met the other known official visitor, A.C. Leonard. He said that Leonard was still on campus because he didn't get in until yesterday.

"I met A.C. this weekend. He's the guy from Florida, right? We didn't fly out together because he didn't get in until Saturday and I got in on Friday. I think that he's still there."


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