Pelini says it was good timing for bad game

A game like the one Nebraska played against South Dakota State was the kind no coach wants to see. But keeping a team's full attention for an entire season can be a bit of a chore. Perhaps they lost focus in this last game as the Huskers edged out FCS opponent, South Dakota State. But they got the win and now they move on. Check out some notes from today's teleconference.

On how Taylor has handled his first rough go of the season, Bo said he'll learn from what happened. But he reiterated that what Taylor did or didn't do was just a fraction of all the errors that were made, as he attributed this performance to the entire team. "It goes well beyond Taylor. There was no attention to detail. The lack of execution was all across the board. Everyone is going to be focused on the quarterback. It was just a bad coaching job," he said. "Our guys didn't play team football. They didn't apply their roles. They didn't do the things they were taught to do."

On the game itself and the opponent, while you don't want this kind of performance at any point, the timing of this one could have been a lot worse. "I think it came at the perfect time for our football team. I think to a certain extent our guys bought into the hype. All the things being said about them, they started believing it.

"It was a reality check."

As for how to fix that going into the bye-week, Pelini said that they won't change anything drastically as far as their structure. What he'll be look for this time is what he looks for from the beginning of the season to the end.

"Playing the way they have been taught to play. Quitting the mental errors, the repeat errors. We just need our progression going, which up to a certain point we were doing," he said. And once again we just went out there and went away from the basics.

"They don't need me to tell them. They know. I told them it happened at a good time. This week we need to make progress. They know that."

As for what they do from a structure standpoint this bye-week, it will be a little bit of a flashback to Fall practice as Pelini said there will be some "good-on-good" situations with some preparation time for Kansas State. But as you can imagine, Pelini said that they will be getting back to a little more fundamental work as they prepare for the conference-opener.

While there were a number of negatives from the game, at least on paper junior linebacker Lavonte David had a stellar one. David recorded 19 tackles against SDSU, which is the most in a single game since Barrett Ruud notched the same number against Kansas State in 2004. But Pelini was reiterating his comments today that he said after the game and that was that David has a lot of things to fix. "He didn't play a very good football game. I think if you asked him he would be the first one to say that," Pelini said. "He's in there, because we know he's capable of doing some things. He's fully capable. If he's not, then that would be a situation we would have to find somebody else. But I know he's capable, and he knows he's capable of playing at a higher level than he did the other night."

A little housekeeping on the potential injury front, there were a number of players who got dinged up at points of the game, including Rickey Thenarse, Michael McNeill, D. J. Jones and Eric Martin. But Pelini said today that all those players are good to go and will practice all this week.


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