Ranking the Red

As you can imagine, from last week to this week the Huskers climbed in most categories on the defensive side, but dropped on the offensive side. However, the defense isn't all bright spots as sacks and tackles for loss continue to be a sore spot for the Big Red.

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OK, the new stats are obviously out. Here is how Nebraska stacked up last week.

From last week to today, when you look at the Huskers nationally, the biggest jump came on punt returns, the Huskers ranked 50th last week, now finding themselves ranked 26th.

The Huskers took another big jump up the charts in scoring defense. Last week they were ranked 24th in the country, giving up 12.89 points per game. This week they break the top 10, coming in at eighth as they now have given up on average, 12.75 points per game.

The biggest differential from last week to this week was in sacks, where the Huskers went from a rank of 22nd last week to a tie for 47th this week. The Huskers didn't record a sack against South Dakota State.

I will just list the categories and then beside each I'll list either "+" or "-", indicating whether they gained ground or lost ground, followed by the number of spots they either climbed or fell:

Rushing Offense (- 1)

Passing Offense (- 4)

Total Offense (- 7)

Scoring Offense (- 9)

Rushing Defense (- 1)

Pass Eff. Defense (+ 3) (Ranked #1 Nationally)

Total Defense (+ 7)

Scoring Defense (+ 16)

Net Punting (+ 9)

Punt Returns (+ 24)

Kickoff Returns (+ 1)

Turnover Margin (- 10)

Pass Defense (+ 13)

Pass Efficiency (- 14)

Sacks (- 25)

TFL (- 3)

Sacks allowed (+ 21)

Here is the complete chart for this week which includes conference ranks to the right:


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