Huskers back strong for bye-week

The Huskers made it back and finish off the first day of full-pads in this week's bye-week preparations for the Kansas State Wildcats. But despite this being a bye-week, the Head Coach said today they got a lot done.

The Huskers returned to practice today after having two days off following the narrow win at home against South Dakota State. Head Coach Bo Pelini said that the team as a whole got exactly what they needed out of this short break. "I almost decided to bring them back a day early. But we have an eight week stretch here coming up (and) I thought it was the right time," he said. "I thought we were a little leg weary last week. I thought it showed today. It was a good hard practice, much like we do in camp."

Pelini said that the team worked a little bit on Kansas State today, but much of it was "good-on-good", meaning the first string of each side of the ball practicing against each other. Senior safety Rickey Thenarse said that despite how the game went last week, he said that today's practice has been exactly as you would expect. "We just got back after it. That game (South Dakota State) is in the past, and we know what we have to fix," he said. "But we went at it good today."

The bye-week is obviously going to allow the team to work on more or in this case, rest a bit before they get back to practice like they did today in the full-padded session. But there is recruiting, and the last couple of days have seen the coaches hitting the road, heading from one coast to the other. But it's also time to get players a little more rested, a little sharper so they can be ready for the long stretch to come.

"We gave them Monday and Tuesday off. We did some recruiting and got back at it good today. We got a lot done today. It's a good day," Pelini said.

The time between SDSU and Kansas State next Thursday also allows the coaches a chance to look back at the last game, but really, the entire season thus far, to see where they are and where they have to go. "We took a pretty hard look at the last game (and that) got their attention. But you have to look at the whole body of work," Pelini said. "It gave us a chance offensively and defensively to scout ourselves."

As for coming back from that last game where Nebraska edged the FCS Jackrabbits, Pelini indicated that coming back from that and using it is a bit of a no-brainer, saying that the players were "prideful guys", and they have came back strong as this week's practices begin.

On the injury front, the various dings from last weekend's game didn't produce any absences for today's practice as Pelini said everyone took the field today.

The Huskers return to practice tomorrow as they continue bye-week preparations for the Wildcats.

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