Scouting Report, RB - Brandon Gunn National Recruiting Anyalst, Jamie Newberg, offers a scouting report on the counterpart of CB Cortney Grixby. Omaha Central RB Brandon Gunn figures to be one of the most heavily recruited in the midwest. Just what type of back are D1 schools envisioning having the signature of come next February?

Brandon Gunn looks to be like a very good good running back prospect on film. The first thing that jumps out at you is his versatility. Obviously, he is a great runner but he can also catch the ball out of the backfield and block. Remember, when he was a sophomore, he started at fullback and according to his high school coach, that did him a world of good because he learned how to become a solid blocker. He has terrific hands and gives his team a real presence in the passing game.

As a runner, Gunn has a combination of everything to be a dominate runner at the high school level - size, speed, vision, elusiveness, and power. Gunn has enough speed to get around the edge and when he gets going doing hill he is tough to bring down and has surprising power for his size. He also can run between the tackles and move a pile, hits the hole hard and is very tough to bring down in the secondary because he can make a move, lower the shoulder or cut back. Gunn looks to have good balance and footwork and he keeps his feet real well.

Could he be the next great back that Omaha (Ne.) Central High School has produced for the college ranks? It looks so. Some of the running backs Central has produced in the past are Gale Sayers, Ahman Green, Calvin Jones and Keith Jones.

Also, remember this, numbers (stats) can be deceiving. Central quarterback (profiled in a scouting report yesterday) Cortney Grixby is a terrific runner and he puts up some big stats so Gunn may not have the numbers most blue-chip back have.

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