Unsportsmanlike Conduct daily podcasts!

If you aren't fortunate enough to be in Omaha to be able to tune into 1620TheZone between the hours of 2:00 to 6:00 then there is another way to catch the best sports talk radio in Nebraska. The Unsportsmanlike Conduct show with Kevin Kugler and Mike'l Severe podcast can be found here on BigRedReport.com!

If you have been hanging out under a rock you might not know about Unsportsmanlike Conduct. To bring you up to speed it's the best sports talk radio show in Nebraska and it belongs to Kevin Kugler and Mike'l Severe from 1620AM in Omaha.

The limit of radio though is if you aren't in an area to tune in at that very time you can't listen. The way to get around that now is through live stream over the Internet, but still you need to be there at the right time.

The producers, Kevin and Mike'l have a daily archive of the show through podcasts. Here are the podcasts for today:

Thurssday, September 30, 2010

Segment 1: Kevin and Mike'l Start Off The Show talking about an interview gone wrong with Doug Gotlieb. HERE

Segment 2: Kevin and Mike'l talk to Keith Moreland about his thoughts on Texas. HERE

Segment 3: Kevin and Mike'l talk to UFL coach Dennis Green about his team, coming to Omaha to play the Nighthawks, and a few laughs. HERE

Segment 4: Kevin and Mike'l talk to Ryan McGee about some college football hooplah. HERE

Segment 5: Kevin and Mike'l talk about a few teams that produced some first and second round players and how they look on tape. HERE

Segment 6: Kevin and Mike'l talk to Chad Millman on a couple lines moving around. No, not lines of cocaine or even ones you might find at an amusement park... HERE

Segment 7: Kevin and Mike'l start off the hour of hate with A CRAP LOAD OF HATE! HERE

Segment 8: Kevin and Mike'l talk up some more hatred on this hate filled day. HERE

Segment 9: Kevin and Mike'l take your last bit of hate off your mind. HERE

Segment 10: Kevin and Mike'l talk to John Tuvey as he fixes all our fantasy football questions. HERE

Segment 11: Kevin and Mike'l talk about the relationship with John Blake and Gary Wichard and the news slowly leaking out about some shenanigans. HERE

Segment 12: Kevin and Mike'l know Nick has a gambling problem, but this is taking it too far. HERE

On home game weekends, Big Red Report will be a guest on the show with Kevin and Mike'l to talk recruits, official visits and the upcoming game. Be sure and check "The RedZone" on Friday to see when the Big Red Report will be on Unsportsmanlike Conduct!

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