Coach's Comments: A.C. Leonard

The name of A.C. Leonard was an unexpected one to pop up late last week as an official visitor for Nebraska. The first reason was because he was a commitment to Florida. The second was he was relatively new to Nebraska fans as a whole because the interest by Nebraska is pretty new. Head Coach for Jacksonville (Flor.) University Christian talks A.C. Leonard.

The name A.C. Leonard was one that Nebraska fans only knew about if they happened to study other teams' commitment lists or followed the top players in the country. Because before last week Leonard wasn't on any Nebraska fans' radars.

"Nebraska did come in late on A.C.," Head Coach Heath Nivens said. "It was maybe in the last three to four weeks or so. A.C. is a Florida guy though and that's where he wants to be, but he wanted to double-check.

"He's an intelligent kid and needed to make sure that the decision he was making was best for him. He was impressed with the school and the trip, but distance did come up when talking about the trip. He's a home body. The visit did open his eyes though."

One of the things that Leonard didn't know about going into the Nebraska visit, but knew a lot about coming out of it was the assistant coach at Nebraska that coaches tight ends, Ron Brown.

"I know that A.C. didn't know who Ron Brown was going into the visit, but he did when he got back. He was impressed with how Ron Brown lives his life of faith. Coach Brown talks the talk and walks the walk.

"Ron Brown definitely caught A.C.'s attention on the visit and he really likes how Ron Brown lives his life. Ron Brown is great for a player that comes from a private Christian school background or a player that comes from a public school."

While Nebraska might be out of the A.C. Leonard sweepstakes, it seems, it's impressive that Nebraska was able to get such a player to visit so quickly that was committed to another team. Coach Heath Nivens explained what is so special about Leonard's abilities.

"What colleges have told us is that as a tight end Leonard is the total package. He has the size, speed and has great hands. He comes in around 6-foot-3 or 6-foot-4, 240-pounds or so, athletic, strong and has great hands. Most feel like he can come in and contribute in some capacity right away."

Another thing that Leonard has going for him is his versatility as a receiver. His combination of size and speed allows him to play both the tight end position and out as a flanker. Coach Heath Nivens lines him up all over the field.

"We use A.C. in a variety of different ways. We are a spread team and from that we use A.C. in the slot, we will line him up tight to the tackle as a tight end, put him as the backside wide receiver when he might be in man to man to create mismatches."

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