College Football Craziness

It's not often that I get a chance to just sit back and watch college football. And I tell you what, I would find it hard to top the day I took in on Saturday. It was crazy, I tell you…just crazy.

Oregon running back LaMichael James might be as emotionally stable as a kindergartner on ephedrine, but man, that kid is good. Give Oregon QB Darron Thomas a whole lot of credit for being as savvy as he was electric, but James along with Oregon's improbably good second-half defense that stifled a Stanford team that was hot in the first half – sealed the deal on the idea that Oregon wasn't legit. They held serve, putting a whopping 52 on the Cardinal.

They are legit, definitely.

But Stanford is good, too - no doubt about it. And I think Andrew Luck, despite some second-half hiccups, has made himself an easy first-round pick in next year's Draft, and potentially the top pick overall.

Washington's Jake Locker was seemingly out of the Heisman race following his abysmal performance at home against the Huskers. But the recipe for a struggling offense seems to be facing USC nowadays as Locker went off for over 300 yards passing, over 100 yards rushing and the Huskies edged the defenseless Trojans in L.A.

How does he do it? Seriously, how does Les Miles do it? This guy make a deal with the Devil at some point in this life where Miles traded his soul and "all" Satan had to do was make up for his mistakes, boneheaded moves, apparent lack of concentration at times and Miles simply being Miles?

Well, chalk one up to big guy underneath pulling 13 men out of Hades to throw on the field so LSU could beat Tennessee with time expired. The bad guy may have been able to pull that one off, but if LSU keeps this kind of play up, especially on offense, it will take the other guy chipping in too in order to keep the Mad Hatter employed.

Hey, did you hear Georgia got A.J. Green back after his suspension? Yep, and it didn't take long for the receiver to make his impact in Boulder against the Buffs, the superstar wideout making an absolutely ridiculous one-handed catch in the end zone. He then followed that up with another TD catch. Alas, his 119 yards receiving and two scores weren't enough to offset two turnovers and a Colorado rushing attack that was effective, scoring three times. Colorado came out with the 29-27 victory, and in typical fashion, the CU fan base rushed the field as they celebrated the win over the Dawgs, who, oh by the way, lost the previous three games before heading to CU.

Yep, those standards at CU are about the same as they have always been, eh?

On another note, I guess A.J. won't be getting a thousand bucks for this jersey.

300 anyone?

Speaking of low expectations, I bet you the fan base at Kansas has decided whatever their expectations were after the season-opening loss to FCS opponent North Dakota State, they probably need to knock those down a notch more. What else can you say after KU loses in humiliating fashion to Baylor, 55-7?

What can you say?

I surrender?
No mas?

Or perhaps this is a history lesson for the younger KU fans who may not appreciate how far Kansas football has come since the 80s, because they weren't around when KU and K State were fighting for the bottom of the Big Eight.

Well, take a big whiff, youngsters. What you are smelling right now isn't too far off.

I know I shouldn't be bagging on a Husker icon like Turner Gill, but when I hear about no cussing policies and taking the names off of jerseys and then see performances like this. Well, look at Oregon. Look at Florida. Cussing is the least of their problems, but they kick the snot out of people.

Well, unless they are facing Alabama.

Let's give credit where it's due. Alabama is the real deal. It's not like we didn't know they would be good. But they are better than that. Florida's revamped offense with the dual QB system which got the Gators a national title in 2006, was pretty futile against a ‘Bama defense, that despite losing nine starters, still frustrated UF. And that offense? Please. Good luck to anyone trying to stop a team that can run like that and has the weapons in the running game like they do.

Following Ohio State's kind of ho hum win over Illinois, I wouldn't be surprised if the Crimson Tide had all the first place votes when the next poll comes out.

Speaking of the poll, could we possibly see the University of Texas drop out of the top 25 for the first time in 162 consecutive weeks? That's the longest streak currently, but after losing to Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry (I still prefer shootout), it could happen.

If it does, they won't be alone. Here's how some of the current members of the Coaches' Poll (it counts in the BCS, the AP doesn't) fared.

·         #22 North Carolina State loses to Virginia Tech, 41-30

·         #20 Penn State loses to #18 Iowa, 24-3

·         #16 Texas loses to #8 Oklahoma, 28-20

Back to the Texas game, though, after watching that game from front-to-back, I have to say that I have seen teams get as many penalties and more than what Texas had in that game. Heck, I cover Nebraska, and they have at times been a penalty machine.

But I can't say I have ever seen a team that had so many of those penalties come at such crucial situations. In the second half alone, Texas had a turnover they caused UN-turned due to a penalty. They had two first downs taken off the board due to penalty. Oklahoma had 3rd and 20 on their own 48-yard line, and on that play Sooner QB Landry Jones threw a ball incomplete. It should have been a punt, but freshman defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat gets a personal foul for knocking Jones down WAY after the whistle, giving OU first and 10 at the Texas 37. They scored two plays later.

But Texas managed to get back in it off the big play, and Landry Jones, despite being almost brilliant in the first half, almost gave Texas its best opportunity to tie the game when the Sooner QB just fumbled it deep in their own territory. It was a matter of luck that the ball managed to slowly roll out of bounds before Texas could get possession. But it certainly seemed as if OU got those breaks when they needed them as the subsequent OU punt was muffed by Texas and recovered by the Sooners, sealing the game.

Mack Brown has never lost three regular season games in a row as the Head Coach of the Horns. But that's a real possibility as they will now go into a bye week and prepare for the much anticipated trip to Lincoln. Nebraska has to take care of business this week against Kansas State in Manhattan before they can think about it.

Or let me put it differently: Before they will admit they are thinking about it.  

They made those yellow wristbands for nothing, right? That red out video with the "Beat Texas" deal was an accident, correct? Oh, and auctioning off jerseys wore in the up-coming game with the Longhorns, that's just a coincidence, isn't it?

Yep, nobody is thinking about Texas right now.

But boy oh boy, is Nebraska going to get a desperate version of the Horns?

Yes, I think they will.

By the way, I want to see Oregon face Oklahoma State.

I have the overs on that game at around 125 points.


Another "by the way", Miami QB Jacory Harris might be a smooth quarterback, but he's flat out careless. The kid can throw for a bunch of yards, but while you hope that quarterbacks don't dwell on mistakes, you'd hope they don't forget them entirely or at least, why they happened. I'll give the guy credit for just throwing it seemingly without a care, but that's what he does. But despite that, Miami beat Clemson in Death Valley and Harris did have four touchdown passes to go along with his two interceptions. You can thank wide receiver Leonard Hankerson for three of those touchdowns, the senior Ft. Lauderdale native absolutely dumbfounding the Tiger defense to the tune of those scores as well as 147 yards. Harris completed 13 of his 33 attempts.

But how about these for crazy:

·         Iowa State puts 52 on Texas Tech?

·         Michigan's Dennard Robinson passes for 277 yards and rushes for 217 against Indiana? That's the second time he's done the double-200 feat this year.

·         Florida State destroys Virginia, 34-14 and just three weeks after getting absolutely blasted by Oklahoma, should find themselves back in the top 25 this week.

This is why college football reigns supreme in my world. Maybe you can find this kind of topsy turvy drama in other sports at other times. But it's never this much fun to just watch it all take place.

I can't wait until next week.

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