Omaha OL holding offers

Maybe one of the better kept secrets in the state of Nebraska might be Nate Skold. Omaha (Nebr.) Westside offensive lineman Skold is 6-foot-8 and weighs in at 285-pounds. Skold is up to five offers, two are DI ad three at DI-AA, but more could be on the way.

Nate Skold can't complain all that much. The 6-foot-8 and 285-pound Omaha (Nebr.) Westside offensive lineman is off to a very good start and have only lost to the #2 team in the state so far.

"Things are going good," Skold said. "We are five games in and we are 4-1. We lost to Millard South. I think that Millard North is the #1 rated Class-A team in the state and South is #2."

Skold was trying to improve himself as a player in a lot of different areas this summer, but he says that he can see the results of that hard work.

"I tried to add a lot of strength and I think that it helped a lot. I also tried to work on my footwork and my quickness. I think that I have seen some improvements on that too."

There are already five offers on the table for Skold. He's also already taken one official visit so far.

"I have two DI and three DI-AA offers. I have offers from Tulane and Wyoming and also from South Dakota, North Dakota and North Dakota State.

"Last weekend I took a trip to see Wyoming when they were playing Boise State. I really liked the trip. Seemed like a cool place. It's a smaller town, but I think I could get used to it."

Besides the visit to Wyoming Skold doesn't have any other trips set up at the moment. He said that he would like to go and see Tulane possibly after his season is over.

"I haven't set up anything, but I think that I want to (visit Tulane) when the season is offer. Ohio is talking to me a lot, but I am still waiting on their offer.

"I am not sure where else I would like to visit right now. I might need to talk that through with some people to where else I should go."

Skold says that despite growing up in the state of Nebraska and being just down the road in Omaha that communication between him and Nebraska has been pretty minimal.

"Not much at all. I got some invitations to camps and stuff to go down and watch some games, but nothing really serious. I didn't go there for camp and I haven't been to any of their games."

Skold is looking to major in business in college and he would like to find a school/program that can help him achieve success as well as be successful.

"I want to major in business. I am looking for a program where I think that I can have a lot of success and where I think that they can have a lot of success as well."

Just because there hasn't been a lot of Nebraska interest doesn't mean that Skold is unaware of how Nebraska is doing. He knows about their recruiting class being pretty full and says that even if there was a spot for him he's not sure he would be interested.

"I don't know. Their offensive line commitments are pretty set up. I don't know if they have a spot in their class for another lineman and I am not sure if I am all that interested or not."


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