Huskers finish up KSU preparations

Preparations are getting finalized this week for the conference opener of the season. The Huskers, 4-0 on the season, will travel down to Manhattan to face fellow undefeated foe, Kansas State.

  • Typical to the last practice before a game, the team was in helmets only for practice today.
  • Bo was asked about sophomore linebacker Eric Martin not having his blackshirt, and if he would get that back. Bo simply said "we'll see" in response.
  • I asked about the health of the team and how the two-deep looks right now as far as who is in or out. Bo said he didn't expect anyone to miss this game, and added that this team is as healthy as it has been in awhile.
  • As you know, the travel rosters are limited to 70 players for conference games. Bo said that it was never easy narrowing that list down, but they have got their finalized list set as to who will go and who will stay."You'd like to bring them all, but you can't," he said.
  • The team will conduct a walk-through tomorrow before heading down to Kansas. The Huskers are currently 12-point favorites over the Wildcats.

Click the following link for the full post practice video with the Head Coach


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