Taking trips, changing plans

It was thought that the 2:30 start time for the Texas game might cause some problems for recruits to make it in for the game on time. With Curt Evans it's really not about that. After losing the game before the state final last year this year is a bit disappointing at 1-3. Evans is convinced though that the season is salvageable, but it will come with a cost.

Hollywood (Flor.) Madonna Chaminade is not enjoying the same type of success they had last year right now. Curt Evans knows that, but he says that he and his team are going to be fine.

"We aren't doing really well right now," Evans said. "We are 1-3 this season. That after making it one game short of the state title game last year. We lost a lot of guys from last year, but in district we are 1-1 and will be fine."

Evans is doing what he can from all sides of the ball. He's on offense, defense and special teams and rarely leaves the field at all.

"I am playing wide receiver, cornerback, punt returner and kick returner. I have five touchdowns receiving and probably 400 yards or so receiving. I have a punt return and kickoff return for a touchdown. On defense I have 17 tackles or so and five sacks.

"Opposing teams just don't throw the ball my way. They did once and I tried to make a play on it for the highlight reel and do a one-handed catch jumping over a guy. They are blitzing me a lot either in the box or coming from the cornerback spot."

Evans has been on a couple of official visits to this point already with the last one being just this past weekend to Boston College. Before that, he went with a team mate to Illinois.

"I just got back from BC this past weekend. It was just so cold up there. It was probably in the 40s during the day and down into the 30s at night.

"Before that, in September, I took a visit to Illinois with Johnathan Aiken to Illinois. It was nice there, but if I had to compare Illinois to BC then I like BC better."

Evans is considering some other visits, but nothing is set up at the moment. In fact, there was a visit he was planning on taking next weekend that will just have to wait until things are right on the field.

"I will probably take a visit to Vanderbilt and I might go to Duke or USF. I am not sure about that one yet. I was supposed to go to Nebraska this weekend, but I am going to reschedule that for after the season.

"I might not be able to see a game when I take the trip to Nebraska, but that doesn't matter. There could be 22 guys on the field and two in the stands and I will play ball there.

"I really want to take a trip to Nebraska, but it's just bad timing right now is all. I wasn't expecting our season to go the way it has and I need to dedicate some time to it."

Evans is a very good student and is considering becoming an anesthesiologist. Before he transferred to private school, at the end of the 10th grade, he was carrying a 4.0. Now he says that it's a very respectable 3.8.

"I am really going to look at the institution, the education and the program. I am going to be there four or five years to get an education and that is what is going to set the schools apart to me. I want to go to the NFL, but if I want to just quit some day I want to be set up afterward."

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