Huskers will get visit

The Huskers are looking for some help off of the edge of the defensive line and one of their top recruiting targets will be in town for the Texas game. The 2:30 start time will not deter Koa Ka'ai from making the trip from Hawaii all the way to Nebraska to see the Huskers take on the Longhorns. What is Ka'ai looking forward to about the trip and could he commit?

Honolulu (Hi.) Kamehameha Secondary is on fall break so Koa Ka'ai is on a little different schedule now then when school is in session. He's taking it easy a little bit.

"I am sorry for not getting back to you earlier today," Ka'ai said. "We are on fall break so I have been taking it easy today and sleeping in a little bit. Our game isn't even until Saturday this week."

Ka'ai is an admitted long-time Nebraska fan and the 6-foot-4 and 250-pound defensive end will get a chance to see a game in person next weekend when the Huskers take on Texas.

"I am going to make it to Nebraska next weekend for the Texas game. I have set up my travel to leave on Thursday night and fly back on Saturday. I am really looking forward to seeing the game environment there after hearing so much about it."

Ka'ai is getting back from a visit from Oregon this past weekend and while some might pull the trigger on a second visit possibly Ka'ai will not be. He says that he will need to see more schools before coming to a decision.

"Probably not. I mean, Nebraska is definitely on my list of favorites and I considering Nebraska as a possible university to attend, but I will need to make some more trips to my other favorites before getting to that point to make a decision."

If you look around a little bit you will find a couple of different names for Koa. He says that he will really answer to any and all of them, but there is one name that is used more than the others for him.

"Any of the names really work. My first name is really Lake and my middle name is Koa. So, if you call me Lake Koa-Ka'ai will work, but everyone calls me Koa. So, calling me Koa Ka'ai is what everyone else really calls me."


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