Turner accepts spot in O-D all-star game

Earlier in the week Jamal Turner was offered a spot in the Offense-Defense all-star game in Orlando, Flor. and earlier today, after talking things through with a lot of people, he accepted the nomination to play in the game. Turner, a 2010-11 commitment to Nebraska to play quarterback, is looking forward to a national spotlight to showcase his quarterback abilities.

It's always good news to hear about a player getting nominated and accepting a bid to play in an all-star game, but this one is special. Jamal Turner, from Arlington (Texas) Sam Houston, will get a chance to play quarterback in a national all-star game later this year.

"I have some good news," Turner said. "I am going to be playing in the Offense-Defense all-star game. I was offered the opportunity earlier in the week and I had to talk to some people about it.

"I wanted to talk to Kameel Jackson and Alfredo Morales about playing in the game. I also wanted to talk to my family, my coach and my mentor about the decision and we think that it's best for me to play in the game."

Turner says that it's an honor to be recognized nationally not only as a player, but also as a quarterback. He knows that few can stake that claim in their lives.

"It's amazing and a great feeling to get this opportunity. Not too many people get a chance to say that they are playing in an All-American high school game and I will be able to."

Turner is looking at the spotlight that he will have to show the world that he is a well-rounded quarterback and not a run-first, throw-second player. He would like to lose that stereotype.

"I am going to go out there and show the world that I am a quarterback and show them the arm that I have. I don't think that some people know that I can throw the ball like I can.

"My team mates, my coaches and the teams I have played against know I can throw the football. When I was a sophomore people actually didn't think that I could run. It's funny, I have had to adjust my game."

The O-D game is in Florida and Turner believes that it's at the end of the calendar year. That is going to make things pretty tight to get back home and move north to Nebraska.

"I believe that the game is on December 31st. The game is in Florida. I think that I will get back to Dallas the day after the game, have a week or so before I have to get to Nebraska. I don't know exactly when classes start for the spring semester."

The Huskers will have a national spotlight tomorrow night too when they square off with Kansas State. Turner has the day cleared and says that he will be basically going through his routine like he would be playing in tomorrow night's game for Nebraska.

"I am excited. I know that Nebraska is going to come away with a win and win the Big 12 Championship this year. I am not doing anything tomorrow. I don't have practice either. I am going to be preparing for the game mentally like I am going to be playing in it."

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