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Athletic Director Tom Osborne addressed the media today, talking about the new proposed expansion of Memorial Stadium. He touched on that as well as other projects and he even took the time to answer a couple questions about freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez and his performance against Kansas State on Thursday night.

  • Cornhusker Coop
  • Kansas State treatment
  • Advice for fans for this year

The Project

  • Big Ten Meetings impactful on project's timeline
  • Nebraska among top tier teams in the conference, joining Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan
  • Those three schools have stadiums which seat over 100,000 stands
  • Marketing research showed high demand for at least 5,000 more seats, i.e. tickets
  • Project has not been presented officially to the Board of Regents.
  • Club seat increase of 2,000 to 2,500
  • 30 skyboxes
  • Osborne indicated fairly strong early interest in at least that many skyboxes right now
  • Difference between this side versus west side will be outside seating added to new suites
  • An estimated 2,800 additional tickets should be added, which will be regular seating

Academic Addition

  • 20,000 square feet of the 40,000 allocated toward academics. The other 20,000 will be for research, both academic and athletic
  • Message from Vice Chancellor Prem Paul

Nuts and Bolts of East Stadium

  • $55.5 million for project
  • $15 million will come from bonding
  • Remaining amount will come from private donation as well as reserve in athletic foundation
  • More than half of the cost of project will come from that foundation reserve
  • Also hoping to get money from presale of skyboxes
  • Will go to Regents in December. After proposal is approved, construction should start in 2012 and completion should be done before the 2013 season.
  • Expected $7 million increase in revenue after project is finished
  • Osborne said that Michigan recently spent $225 million on stadium renovation

More Projects

  • Proposed indoor baseball facility, taking up 22,000 square feet at Haymarket Park
  • Osborne talked about Ndamukong Suh donation of $2 million dollars, and outlined how they would like that to be dispersed above and beyond Suh's initial requests as to what he wanted some of the money to be spent on.
  • Gift was dedicated to existing weight room as well as putting IPADs in every player's locker, which Osborne says has been done.
  • Osborne said there was a cold tank for players sitting on the locker room, but wasn't functional. That has since been made functional with the help of Suh's donation.
  • Osborne indicated that a running area was desired in the current weight room, but space limitations forced a rethinking of that idea. He outlined the sports which use the weight room currently: Football, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer, rifle, bowling, wrestling and track – all who use the facilities. With that issue prevailing, the idea is to move the batting cages from the Hawks Championship Indoor center to where the new facility in Haymarket would be located. And the room where the cages were located would be designated additional space for another weight room, opening up the main weight room for that running area.
  • Osborne said that Suh's wishes were that outside of the things he stipulated, the money should go wherever it was needed most.


  • Will not go before Regents as part of the East Stadium proposal
  • Initial estimate of $27 million has lowered due to cutting back on scope of projected improvements in the short term. New estimate of $20 million will go for infrastructure, including ramps, coaches' offices and mechanical improvements. That part of the project is estimated to take $12 million of the new estimate. Those projects are scheduled to start in 2012.
  • Improvements so that the volleyball team can move from the Coliseum aren't scheduled to start until after the improvements to Haymarket are finished in 2013. So, 2014 is the estimated timeline for when the volleyball team can move in after the remaining $8 million is used in making the facility more volleyball friendly.
  • Sports which will continue to be featured there include gymnastics, wrestling as well as being another primary location for many of the coaches' offices for a number of sports.


  • Talk about how this renovation of stadium will make Nebraska more comparable to some of the facilities in the Big Ten.
  • Breaking down the revenue stream

Q&A cont…

  • How unique is it combining research and athletics, and why does it work?
  • Talk about importance of keeping sellout streak and if that played a factor at all in decision making process.
  • What is being done to preserve the historical significance of the east stadium during this upgrade?
  • Was entrance into the Big Ten a factor in advancing existing project or was the new conference situation a key factor in making this happen?

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