Texas game visitor list update!

If there is anything on top of a great game to look forward to this weekend between Nebraska and Texas it's a great crop of official visitors that will be in town this weekend. At last look, the list was well over 10 confirmed visitors, but this is going to be fluid. The first changes to the list on Scout.com took place Tuesday morning.

There are definitely two trains of thought when it comes to official visitors. Number one, don't turn away a recruit that you want to visit on a weekend that he wants to come in. Number two, to keep the quantity of visitors manageable.

Here are the two that were scratched from this weekend's list of visitors: 
Who is no longer coming in?

Here is the list of visitors that we are tracking for this coming weekend: Complete Visitor List

The list as of Tuesday morning was 13 visitors had at one point said that they were coming in for the game this weekend against Texas. That list is going to fluctuate, mostly decrease, and you can scratch two from it this morning.

Please keep checking back to Scout.com for the latest on the visitor list for this weekend.

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