Visit reinforces commitment

Just as you do, we in the media do and everyone watching TV, if you had even an inkling of feeling toward the Husker program, you felt for the loss to Texas. But for future Husker Tevin Mitchel, the game didn't go as he would have liked. But everything else went as good as he could have hoped.

Just a couple of catches. That's it. If they make them, the Huskers come out winners instead of losers.

That's basically the mind-set of anyone who watched that game.

For future Husker Tevin Mitchel, that's how he saw it. "Man, just a couple of catches and we win. That's it," he said.

I guess Husker fans should feel good about Mitchel's reaction, and the fact that he said "we" and not "they" or just "Nebraska." But Mitchel says that he's thought of himself like that since the day he pledged to the Big Red. And now after his visit he said that his decision was the best one he could have made.

"Everything was great. The players all got along really well. The facilities were unbelievable, and the coaches are all really nice," he said. "I am really glad I made the decision to come here."

And, of course, there was the crowd. "Crazy. That's all you can say. It was crazy there," he said. And then there is the almost obligatory story about fans actually knowing who a recruit is, which Mitchel said happened to him too. "Yeah, a few people knew who I was and were yelling my name," he said with a laugh.

Tevin said that among the players he met, he got to spend the most time with fellow future Husker, Jamal Turner and current Husker, cornerback Ciante Evans.

As for any other impressions he had of the place and his visit, Mitchel said that he liked the campus and the town, and while the weather wasn't exactly ideal to him he figures if everyone else can handle it, he can too.

"Cold is cold. I can get used to it," he said.

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