Nebraska surprises Wilson

Having just gotten his dream offer from USC, California prep star, defensive end DeVante Wilson was probably considered a long shot for the Huskers to get. But did this recent visit for the Texas game do anything to change his mind?

The result of the game wasn't what most would want to see when looking to experience the full atmosphere that Lincoln, Nebraska is known for on game day. But for prep defensive end DeVante Wilson, he said the outcome didn't seem to bother it much, at least to him. "It was pretty crazy. They didn't win, but the fans seemed like they were in it all the way to the end," Wilson said.

Wilson came into this visit with double-digit offers, one of the more recent ones coming from a school he grew up with: The Trojans. Wilson said he'll be visiting there when Notre Dame comes to L.A. That would mean long odds for anyone else, but Wilson said that Nebraska certainly didn't hurt their chances from what he saw over the weekend. "The fans really stood out. They were crazy, and little kids just kept coming up to me asking for my autograph," he said. "But I thought the defense played great. They were just a couple of dropped balls away from winning that game."

Wilson said that among his hosts were freshman cornerback Josh Mitchell as well as having had a chance to hang out with future Husker Donovan Vestal. Wilson said he met a few other visitors, too.

DeVante said that he had a chance to talk to the coaches, including defensive line coach John Papuchis, defensive coordinator Carl Pelini as well as Head Coach Bo Pelini. The message he got from all of them after the Texas loss was that you can let it break you or you can learn from it. "Yeah, they said that it should have taught them a lesson, and that you can get better from it or you don't," Wilson said. "They weren't real down. They were just real serious about wanting to get by it and get ready for the next game."

It's always interesting talking to a recruit who isn't from this part of the country. There are expectations coming in, mostly from what you hear or see on TV. From what he knew about Nebraska to what he knows now, Wilson said there's a bit of a difference. "I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. It was nicer than I thought it would be," he said. "It's a lot slower here than in California, but that's something someone could get used too."

As for where Nebraska stands on his list, USC is considered the clear favorite now with the recent offer. While Wilson didn't disagree with that notion, he said that Nebraska has certainly made a positive impression on him.

"They told me I am the top defensive end on their list, and I know at USC they get a lot of big-timers every year. So, that helps them a little bit," he said. "But I'm a long ways from deciding where I want to go. So, I'm just going to take the rest in and see how it goes from there."


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