Better the second time around

Defensive tackle Kevin Williams already had a good feel for Nebraska from his visit over the Spring. But the future Husker that this experience was something different. It was more than he expected, better than he would have hoped and like Tevin Mitchel, it cemented his status as a future Husker.

It just goes to show you that losing or winning isn't everything.

Sure, it's important. But sometimes you find out as much about people from a loss as you do a win. For Ohio prep star, defensive tackle Kevin Williams, that's just what happened for him. "I admire the fact that even after a loss like that, the coaches took the time out to give me a good experience for my official. They didn't let it affect what they did, and they paid attention to me like I was the reason they were there," Williams said. "That's really something, because I know that was a tough loss for them.

"But they were great, and I can see why players respect them as much as they do."

Since Williams had already been to Nebraska, he didn't need the official tour to get familiar with the place. He just wanted to come, check things out and see if game day during the season was that much crazier than the Spring. He got his answer to that. "10 times more, maybe more than that. It gets crazy in this town for a game," Williams said.

While watching the game, Williams said that outside of watching the defensive line for obvious reasons, he had to feel for the defense as a whole. The turnovers, the bad field position and the missed opportunities on offense – he knew what they were going through. "We have a really good defense at my high school, but sometimes it's like we can't get off the field. It seems like sometimes anything that can go wrong on offense, it does," he said.

"They rely so much on that defensive line, though, and I love that. I love that they are like the anchor to that whole group."

After talking to the coaches, Williams said that they see him playing at around 290 to 295 pounds, and they think they can get him there by the end of his freshman year. Right now Williams said he's sitting at right around 270.

Back to the visit, though, one of the things Williams really liked was the fact that because he had already been there, this was just a chance to hang out with the guys and get a feel for how everyone gets along. "It was really laid back. We just hung out, relaxed and didn't do a whole lot. And you can just tell how close the players are," he said. "There aren't like any guys who don't seem to fit in or anything like that. They all seem really tight."

Williams heads back to Ohio now, but he's already looking forward to the time he can come back. He's already looking forward to the day he can step on the field. "Yeah, I'm leaving, but I can't wait to get back. I'll be thinking about that until I get back to Lincoln," he said.

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