Solid as a Husker

There is always a fear about what could happen to a recruit's weekend if the home team loses. Nebraska dropped a tough one this past weekend to Texas, but still all of the recruits' stories to this point have been only been positive. Jamal Turner agrees and while he didn't give the weekend a perfect score the only reason the weekend wasn't perfect was because of the game.

Jamal Turner is getting ready to head back to Texas at the airport in Omaha when he caught up with Big Red Report. Turner said that the weekend started at the airport and with all of the traffic heading to Lincoln.

"After we got to the airport we didn't get to Lincoln until about 2:00," Turner said. "We had to really rush to get to the stadium because of all the traffic. I went in and seen Tim Beck, Shawn Watson and saw some of the other recruits. We ate and then hit the field to get ready for the game. It was crazy how packed everything was.

"At halftime we went back to the training table and ate some more. Then we went back and finished the game. I came in and talked to a few people, Coach Beck and Coach Watson, headed over to the player's lounge and then to the hotel. Donovan Vestal and Ciante Evans were Tevin Mitchel and my hosts. We just kicked it the rest of the night."

Saturday was a busy day for sure, but today was much more involved for him to get a look around and talk to people. It was also about getting him prepared to get to campus in January and to hit the ground running.

"I had interviews today, talk to the coaches, strength and conditioning coach, the nutritionist and stuff like that. It was really about getting everything in order so when I get up there in January I will be ready to go. I also sat in on a players' meeting. It was more of a preacher coming to talk to the game. And I spoke to some players."

The weekend didn't go as planned for Nebraska because of the loss to Texas. Turner admits that it would have been better to see a win, but overall the weekend was still a success with the recruits.

"It was still good without it (the win), but it would have been nice. We still had a chance to see the school and get a good look around. The players obviously wanted to win that game, but they know what's wrong with it and will be able to fix it. We didn't play our best game. It was nothing what they were doing, it was what Nebraska was doing. The Huskers just have to beat OSU next week."

One thing that Turner took note of, and that the Nebraska coaches were sure to talk to him about, was the replacement of Taylor Martinez with Zac Lee. It lets Turner know that players can be yanked and that the best guys are going to see the field.

"I was a little happy that when a player isn't playing their best game and they need to be replaced that they do it. It also showed me that his spot can be taken. That is how I looked at that. I spoke to Coach Beck about it and he said that the best players will play. That is a big positive to me."

The weekend rating doesn't get a perfect score, but it was close. Turner liked the fact that he got to meet a lot of recruits and is also getting tight with a couple of other players that plan to be up there at semester in Lincoln.

"I would give the weekend a "9". It wasn't perfect just because they didn't win. I got to meet a lot of the recruits like Braylon Heard. We got to be really close. I get along well with Kevin Williams and Braylon. Kevin already graduated and will be there at semester and Braylon will be there in January."

Turner says that the weekend wasn't needed to reaffirm his commitment to Nebraska, but it didn't hurt. He's completely committed to Nebraska. "No doubts, 100% to Nebraska. That's where I want to be. Everything is good and everything is cool. I am excited about getting up there."


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