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Coming into his Nebraska visit Patrick Onwuasor had no idea what to expect. But after taking that official to Lincoln this weekend it seems the Huskers have made a solid impression. The talented WR from California talks about his visit and where Nebraska ranks on his list of suitors, along with a potential timeframe for a decision. Get the latest inside.

For fans at home and in the stands watching the game was a tough experience, and after seeing the 3rd touchdown go through a receivers hands against the hated Longhorns it was almost too much to bear. But I guess if you're a potential wide receiver for the Huskers you might see things a little differently.

"I was thinking, I can make that catch. I make those in my sleep", said a confident Onwuasor. "The game was right there for them to take, but they just didn't finish it off."

And before making it over to the stadium, Patrick said he and the other recruits stayed pretty busy.

"We came over to the stadium right after we got there Saturday morning. We ate with the other recruits right after the players did. Then we chilled in the players lounge until about 1 o'clock, then went into the locker where the players were getting ready.

"After that we went through the Tunnel Walk before the players, I got chills with that thing. All the fans were going crazy screaming our names and stuff, it was cool. It was just crazy, I was like dang, all these people know my name."

What about the game itself, what were your thoughts on what transpired?

"When I saw all the drops, I was just thinking, that's my spot. They look like they could use a player like me. They dropped like three touchdowns I think it was. And that last one really hurt, that deep slant. I thought he was going to make that and get Nebraska back in the game."

What were your thoughts of the offense, was it a system you could see yourself performing in?

"Yeah I could, but they need to work on their passing game a little. That number 5, he was throwing it in there, but that number 3 just looked like he wanted to take off and run every time. The other guy was hitting them right in the hands and they were just dropping it. I know I could do better than that."

Who came with you on the visit?

"It was just me and my wide receiver coach from school. We got out to Nebraska at like 10 Saturday morning. He said he had a great time, I know he thought everything out here was topnotch too.

"He came with me on the tours of the weight room which was off the charts, academic center, and the rest of the facilities. Everything I saw was top of the line. I didn't see any negatives about the campus."

Did you get a chance to hang out with any of the coaches from Nebraska?

"I was with all of them really. Coach Gilmore, coach Marvin Sanders the DB coach. I talked to coach Pelini a lot too."

What was their message to you?

"Really, they said they aren't going to pressure me into anything like committing. They said to just do whatever I think is best for me, and take my time, and do it when I'm ready."

Have you been to any other colleges on game day, and how would you compare the atmosphere at those schools to Nebraska?

"I've been to a few Pac 10 schools for games on unofficials, but they didn't compare to Nebraska. Where I was in the stadium, everyone was standing the whole time, they were really into the game. I could definitely see myself out there on the field playing for Nebraska, I like it a lot."

What's next, any more visits set up?

"I've got a visit to Arizona on November 13 when they play USC, and that's it. That's probably going to be it right there. After this visit I've got Nebraska as my top school, so I need to see what Arizona has to offer now. Those are my top two schools, I'll probably be picking between those."

Patrick also said a decision could come soon after his visit to Arizona.

"I'll probably be ready to commit after that last visit. I'll talk with the people around me then make decision off that."

Patrick was hosted on his visit by Quincy Enunwa, who told Onwuasor "He said it's a great place to be, and he was glad he committed to Nebraska. It's good to know they have guys on the roster from California, if I come there I wont be the only one."

It appears NU has moved into the driver's seat at this juncture, so look for more updates on Patrick Onwuasor from Big Red Report as the season rolls on.

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