Visit was a "10"

It was a real journey for Koa Ka'ai to make his way from Honolulu (Hi.) on Friday to finally make it to Lincoln. All in all, it was about 10 hours of transportation time, not including layovers and such. Still, the experience for Ka'ai was amazing. He wanted Nebraska to get the win, but even without the Nebraska visit goes down with a perfect rating.

It was a long, packed weekend for Koa Ka'ai when it came to his trip from Hawaii to Lincoln, Nebr., but it was worth it. Ka'ai said that it was roughly 10 hours in travel to get from Hawaii to Lincoln.

"I just got back in about a half-hour ago," Ka'ai said. "It takes about 5 and a half to six hours to get to the mainland from here. From Phoenix it was about 2.5 hours and another hour to drive from Omaha to Lincoln."

Ka'ai was the first one in Lincoln and that had some perks. One of the first people he met this weekend in Lincoln was legendary football coach, and the current A.D., Tom Osborne. He also got to see the team walk-through and the town of Lincoln.

"I got to Lincoln about 3:00 on Friday. I was the first on there on Friday, but Braylon Heard was there a little bit after me. After I got in I got to meet Coach Tom Osborne. He's a legend. That was a great experience.

"We got to see the facilities and then watch the walk-through practice. After that we went to the team dinner we went around town to see Lincoln. After that we sat in on the team meetings."

Coming from Hawaii it's easy to assume that Nebraska is going to be pretty different than what Ka'ai is used to seeing. That being said, Ka'ai came away impressed with the town of Lincoln.

"I thought that the town of Lincoln was pretty cool. It's really laid back and it seemed like a very safe town. It's like 250,000 people and the island I live on is about a million. I really liked the town, actually."

Ka'ai got a chance to get some rest on Friday morning then was right back in with the team. After that he was meeting all of the associated personnel and facilities to the football program.

"I woke up at like 10 that morning and went to the breakfast with the team after that. Following that, I toured the skills center and the academic facilities. I also met the nutritionist and I saw some more things that I didn't see on Friday."

Right up to the game Ka'ai was on a tour and made his way to the locker room. He was led out through the tunnel and saw the tunnel walk from his seats.

"I was touring the facilities before the game and in the locker room. We went out ahead of the team through the tunnel walk so we could see the team go through from the outside. That was awesome."

The game between Nebraska and Texas was highly anticipated and didn't turn out the way that Nebraska had hoped. And while many might think that could affect a recruit's decision about Nebraska Ka'ai said it won't have any impact.

"A lot of people are kind of worried that the outcome of the game is going to affect my decision and it won't. That atmosphere is very unique and really one of a kind. It was an awesome experience."

Ka'ai was with his host and host's family after the game. "After the game we had dinner with the team and my host's family, Chase Rome, was in town so we spent time together. We went back to the hotel, it was a little wild there, and then went to a movie."

The experience of the visit got a perfect score from Ka'ai. He said that he would have liked to see Nebraska win and to see the video room in Lincoln, but those two things weren't big enough to knock Nebraska down from a perfect score.

"I am going to say a "10". Everything was perfect. It really went well. I really liked the visit. If anything could have been better they would have won and the Experience Room where they have videos wasn't running and I really wanted to see it. I heard it was cool."

It definitely sounds like Ka'ai had a great time in Lincoln, but he's sticking to his guns when it comes to taking all of his visits. He plans on coming up with his top five very soon and will let Big Red Report know who the five teams are that made his list as soon as he decides.

"I am still planning on taking all five of my visits, I planned that when I started doing all of this recruiting, so right now that is still the plan. By the end of this week I will have a top five and I will let you know what it is later this week."

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