Nebraska visit was a "10"

One of the players that easily passed the eye ball test this past weekend in Lincoln was James Adeyanju. Adeyanju was on his third official visit this past weekend and that gave him a good basis for comparison for Nebraska. The Huskers must have impressed because Adeyanju came away from the weekend giving Nebraska a perfect rating.

It was a busy weekend for James Adeyanju and the other recruits that were in Lincoln this weekend seeing Nebraska. When Adeyanju got in he was immediately folded in with the team and then with the other recruits as they arrived.

"I got there Saturday," Adeyanju said. "We had breakfast with the players first. Then as the recruits were coming in we did lunch. After that we got a little campus tour and there were some presentations."

The tunnel walk drew rave reviews from all of the recruits this weekend and Adeyanju was no different. He said that coming through the tunnel walk that the fans recognized him and the other recruits.

"The tunnel walk was amazing. The fans were clapping for us saying that they wanted us to be a Husker. Some of the fans even recognized us. It was great. They were over there and shook our hands."

The one down spot on the weekend had to be the outcome of the game, but Adeyanju said it didn't matter to him. The outcome of the game will not have an impact on his decision to choose Nebraska or on how good the weekend was overall.

"The fact that Nebraska didn't win doesn't matter to me. It doesn't have any impact on my decision or on the weekend at all. People win or lose. I know that this is a great team and a great experience."

The Husker staff did a good job of pairing up Adeyanju with a host that he could relate to. "My host was Corey Cooper. He had a lot of good things to tell me about Nebraska, why he chose Nebraska and why he chose to leave Illinois. He feels like he has got a good chance to play in the future.

"It does help to know that there are people there from where I lived and out of state as a whole. It's all about making the best decision and there are people to talk to about that. They are there in the same position as me that could give me advice."

Before Adeyanju took off on Sunday he was able to really meet the football coaches and other staff members. "On Sunday I got to talk to Coach Bo Pelini, Coach John Papuchis and Coach Marvin Sanders. I also got to speak to the strength coach, nutritionist and the trainers. It was busy."

The weekend was a perfect "10" for Adeyanju who also included that nothing could have been better and that he saw everything that he wanted to see while he was there.

"I would say that the weekend was a "10". It was great. I had fun. I got to see a lot of stuff and experience a lot of things. I can't think of anything that could have been better about the trip at all. I think that I saw everything and got to speak at everyone. It was great."

The Nebraska visit was the third for Adeyanju who has also been to see Wisconsin and Boston College. Adeyanju doesn't have any other official visits set up yet, but he knows that he is going to take his other two visits before making a decision.

"After visiting Nebraska I would say that they are close to the top or at the top of my list. This was my third visit and I think that I will take all five. I think that I will visit Northwestern and then the last one will be between Tennessee and Michigan State."


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