Moore ready to compete from day one

He may have Husker bloodlines, but last weekend Nebraska offensive line commit Tyler Moore took in his first game day in Lincoln. Moore talks about that new experience, and how he hopes to make an immediate impact the day he steps foot on the campus at Nebraska. Get all the lastest details inside.

Having multiple family members who've donned the Husker uniform, you'd think coming to a Nebraska home game would be old-hat for a football recruit like Tyler Moore. And even though he's been in attendance for the annual Red & White spring game, Moore says nothing can compare to what he saw last Saturday.

"You know, coming to spring games is one thing. But the stadium is so much louder for the real thing, and the atmosphere is totally different. I was amazed at how loud the crowd got at certain times, you couldn't hear the person beside you talking. It was more than I expected to be honest with you, I just can't wait to get there.

"There was a lot of energy in that stadium, you could feel it."

Tyler said while sitting in the stadium watching the game a few things came to mind, one being the Huskers seemed to be their own worst enemy at times.

"I'm watching it thinking, we're beating ourselves. We had so many opportunities to score but couldn't put in the endzone. Everybody thinks that Taylor Martinez didn't do so well because he gets pulled, but it was because his guys weren't making those catches for him. You could see that Texas wasn't really worried about the pass, they just wanted to stop the run.

"I'm not really disappointed or anything. I am a little mad we lost to Texas, for what could be the last time we play them. Hopefully while I'm there, at some point maybe in a bowl game, we get another shot at them. I'd love to get to play them while I'm there."

What was the mood of the team and coaches after the game?

"They knew they beat themselves. Obviously the coaches weren't happy with the loss, but they were already talking about the next game, and how their goals are still in front of them. They weren't moping or anything."

Now that you've been to a real game in Lincoln, did it meet all your expectations?

"It was better really, more than I thought it would be. I can't wait to play for those fans for the next four or five years."

Did you get to go on all the tours of the campus too?

"Oh yeah, when we first got there we hit the campus a little bit. We ate at the training table first with the other recruits. Then we hit all the tours, the locker-room, weight room, and all the academic stuff. They have the best of everything. There is so much there you could spend all day looking, but we had to get back over to the stadium for the game.

"The best part, in my opinion, was walking out on the field before the game and just looking at all the fans, the Sea of Red you hear so much about. I loved it."

What about the coaches and other recruits, did you spend much time with them?

"Yeah, I talked to a lot of guys. I talked to the O-lineman from Arizona (Cyrus Hobbi) for a little it, Bubba and Jamal, Aaron Green, and the other uncommitted recruits. I got to talk to pretty much all of them. I wasn't trying to tell them to all come to Nebraska, but I did tell them why I chose Nebraska. And all of them looked like they were having a great time. I'd bet Nebraska gets a few commitments from that group.

"I also got to hang out with all the coaches, coach Beck, coach (Bo) Pelini quite a bit and coach Cotton a lot. Especially on Sunday, I had a big meeting with coach Bo and coach Cotton. They told me just to keep doing what I'm doing, keep working hard, and be ready to come in and compete when I get there."

Who was with you on the visit?

"It was me and my dad (Brian Moore), and we had a great time. He obviously already knew what to expect because he played there. But getting back and seeing a game live, that was good for both of us. We got in there Saturday about 10:30 that morning and didn't leave until Monday."

Tyler and his Countryside teammates have also put themselves in great position to push for the state title after an impressive 7-0 start to their season. With three regular season games left, they control their own destiny.

"We've actually had a couple bad games so far this year, but we were able to pull them out. I think we got lazy after our big win against Lakewood and everybody just started coasting a little bit. But now, I think we have our focus back. We are about to start our push for the district title, right now from here forward, we need to play our best ball."

But once his senior year does come to an end, Tyler doesn't plan to just sit back and relax. With Tyler set to arrive on campus early, he's coming in with one thing on his mind, competing for playing time.

"I'm 290 pounds right now, and I plan to get up to around 300 right after the season. I'm going to come in there and compete from day one. If I can earn a starting position and help the team out I will. If they want me to red-shirt, I'll do that too.

"But I'm coming in there with one thing on my mind, I'm trying to come in and take someone's job."

Somehow I have a feeling he might just do that.

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