From last week to today

Well, coming off a statistically gaudy game like Oklahoma State, you can imagine that Nebraska changed their position in regard to national ranking, no both sides of the ball. They did, and here is how it broke down. The bad news is for Nebraska, they are now is that in one defensive category, they are just one spot away from being the worst team in the country.

Well, as you might imagine the Huskers took a bit of a dip on defense. Last week the Huskers were number one in the country in both pass efficiency defense as well as pass defense. Now the Huskers find themselves second and third in those categories, respectively.

But Nebraska took a jump up in the offensive stats, especially in the passing department. Nebraska was 111th in the country last week, but now move "all" the way up to 100th, coming off Taylor Martinez' freshmen record-setting day.

Martinez went 23-of-35 in the passing game, completing five passes for scores against no interceptions. That helped the Huskers take a nice jump up in team passing efficiency, going from 47th in the country to 27th this week.

The single biggest jump was in kickoff returns. Senior wide receiver Niles Paul averaged over 50 yards per kickoff return against Oklahoma State, his long going for 100 yards and a touchdown. Paul ranks 40th in the country with an average of 25.56 yards per return.

In the category of tackles for loss, the Huskers are almost at the bottom now, dropping to 119th this week from 118th a week ago. The only team now in Nebraska's way from securing the spot as the worst team in the country in regard to tackles for loss, is Rice.


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