Status quo

Although Givens Price committed to Rice back in the middle of June he's continued to listen to other schools. In fact, he took an official visit to Nebraska in late September. Still Price maintains that he is still committed to Rice, but listening to other schools. He just isn't doing anything about it, yet.

Houston (Texas) Alief Taylor is having a very good year. They just beat a very tough team in their district the other night and Givens Price says that things are pretty good overall with the season.

"The season is going pretty good," Price said. "We are 7-1 overall. We beat Eisenhower yesterday so we're 4-0 now in district. We are in the driver's seat to win district."

Price can't complain about his season, personally. There is the game against Katy, which they lost, that he wishes that he could have back. He knows that his team didn't execute very well that night.

"I think that the season has gone by pretty good for me. I wish that I could play Katy again. We could have beaten them, but we had a lot of dropped balls."

Givens committed to Rice back in June, but opened things up a bit and took a visit to Nebraska toward the end of September. He says that things are unchanged since the Nebraska visit.

"I haven't taken any other visits yet. I am not sure which visits I will take after the season is over with. So far, recruiting has just been the same.

"I wouldn't say that I am closing anything out when it comes to recruiting. There are some new teams talking to me as well as Nebraska and Rice. I haven't considered anything yet."

As for Rice, well, Givens says that is the same too. He still considers himself a Rice commitment despite taking the visit to Nebraska and considering other trips.

"I don't know; it's still the same. I am still committed to them and everything. I was going to go to the Houston game, but when I passed by the stadium the game was almost over. I haven't been to see them yet."

The Huskers call Price every week, but so does Rice and every other school. He says that the conversations are brief with all schools and usually they just remind him to tune in that weekend to see them on TV.

"I talk to them every week. I still like them, but I am just not thinking about it at all. We talk, but I don't talk to any school a lot. Every time we talk it's just really brief with all schools."


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