Plans delayed for Klachko

Four star offensive guard prospect Ryan Klachko had hopes of making his way to Nebraska for his first live game in Lincoln when the Huskers take on the Tigers this Saturday. But with his high school playoffs looming this weekend, Ryan says he'll have to make arrangements to see the Huskers at a later date.

Playoffs this week right? Have you canceled your visit to Nebraska yet?

"Yeah, I talk to coach Cotton about it. I hated to do it, but the way things are set up, if we keep winning, we'll be playing the next five Saturday's. I mean, I want to come and see a Nebraska game and everything you know?

"But at the same time, I want to win it all my last year here at Griffin. If I can't get to a game this year, I'll just come later after the season and go to a basketball game or something."

What time is your game this weekend, will you still get to see the Huskers play?

"My game starts at 1 pm, and with all the post-game stuff going on I probably won't get to see it. But my parents record every game for me so I never miss them. I think there going to put it to Missouri, I don't think Nebraska loses another game this year."

Ryan did mention if his team gets knocked out of the playoffs before the Huskers season is over, he would look to make the Kansas or Colorado game.

But he also added "I'm really hoping I don't make a home game this year, it means we are still winning in the playoffs. I have four or five years to see games in Lincoln, I can wait another couple months."

When Ryan's season comes to an end, we'll check back with him about his official visit plans to Nebraska.

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