Green chooses Red (Updated 7:49 pm)

After the long wait, Aaron Green, ranked as the #3 running back in the country by, chose his future school. The late drama from recent stories that speculated he could go someplace other than Nebraska, was squashed at the moment of his decision when Green did indeed decide to join his older brother, Andrew, who is a cornerback with the Huskers.

Aaron Green, ranked #3 at his position in the country, and #10 overall, selected the Huskers as his school of choice. The Huskers beat out home-state power, Texas as well as Cal and Florida State.

There has been much speculation as to where Green would go, but he ended that this evening as he picked the Big Red.

Green made the announcement from his church, and he ultimately did pull out a Husker hat and then announce his intentions of going to play for the Huskers.

Green cited one of his major reasons for going there being that he thought Nebraska would allow him to grow the most as a person. But he did also voice his interest in wanting to be part of a national championship team.

As is well known, his older brother, Andrew, is a sophomore cornerback for the Huskers. This is something that was a factor early on in the process, as Green had said on many occasions that he would like to play with his brother. But he also said that he wouldn't let that dictate where he would ultimately go.

Green becomes the highest ranked running back to commit to the Huskers since Marlon Lucky in 2005. At the time Lucky was ranked as the #2 RB, according to

More on this later, as well as we believe we will have video of his announcement at some point either tonight or tomorrow


The following are quotes from Aaron about his pledge to the Huskers:

Aaron talked about his decision and he said tight ends coach Ron Brown was a big part of the decision, but not the only part. "It was all the coaches, not just him. I just felt so comfortable with them. I knew that it was a good place for me to be," Green said.

Aaron also said that he hasn't actually told his brother Andrew of the decision, but he is sure that Andrew kind of knew. "I think he knew. I haven't told him, but I think he had a good idea of where I was going," he said.

Aaron also said that the only coach from Nebraska he actually informed of his decision was Head Coach Bo Pelini, who he told last week. "He was pretty happy. He was laughing and all that," Green said of a conversation he had with the head coach approximately a week ago.

That was, of course, when Green decided for himself that he was going to officially decide. And while he didn't go to Nebraska for his brother, he said his brother played a part in helping him. "He just told me to go where it felt right for me. He said not to go to Nebraska because of him, but because of where I wanted to be," he said. "I knew that he would support me no matter where I went."

Right now Green has approximately 1,350 yards rushing with 18 touchdowns.

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