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It might be a little surprising that the Huskers want a tight end in the 2010 class, but the position as a whole has seen injuries and changes in position completely affect the depth at the position. The Huskers were hosting one of their top prospects at the position this weekend. Find out what he had to say about the visit…

The Huskers are trying to nab a tight end in the 2010 class and have their eyes on 6-foot-4 and 215-pound Darien Bryant from Pickerington (Ohio) North. Bryant was in Lincoln this weekend and called when his visit ended tonight.

"I am back at the hotel for the night, the visit is over really," Bryant said. "We are getting up early and we are leaving at 6:00 in the morning. We get back to Columbus about 1:30 or so."

The Bryant's got in on Saturday morning and was immediately hanging out with the team. After that, they saw some of the immediate facilities and got ready to watch Nebraska defeat Missouri.

"We got in on Saturday morning. My mom and I came in and we went to the team breakfast. After that we went to the stadium. They showed us around on a brief tour, got to eat again, and then we went out for the game."

One of the first things that Bryant experienced on Saturday was the tunnel walk. He and the other recruits went out in front of the players and were noticed by all of the fans. He was blown away by the experience.

"The tunnel walk was amazing. You wouldn't think most fans would notice, but the fans did in Lincoln, the recruits walking out before the team. The fans did though and getting a chance to see the team come out was amazing."

The stadium was packed and Bryant could tell you that it was so full they had a hard time really sitting down in their seats. He and his mother noticed the students coming in hours before the start of the game on Saturday morning.

"It was amazing. It was packed; it was like their 309th consecutive sellout. It was so packed that we couldn't really get to our seat. We were kind of out in the aisle during the game.

"When we got to the stadium that morning, around 10 or 10:30, the whole corner of the student section was completely full, top to bottom. That whole section was already full. It was hours before the start of the game. I am not sure what time it was."

The offense was really clicking out of the gates on Saturday and one of the biggest reasons was because of the tight end position. Both Ben Cotton and Kyler Reed made catches in the first quarter. Bryant liked what he saw.

"I really liked it. I had a lot of extra time today so I sat in on some meetings with Coach Ron Brown. We talked about some other formations that they like to run that because of injuries that they haven't been able to do.

"It's great seeing a team use the tight end position is great. There are not a lot of teams that use the tight end as a tight end. It was great to see how Nebraska uses their tight ends and how they run multiple tight ends at the same time."

Bryant was definitely exhausted and full from all the food that he ate this weekend. He said that he was able to hang out a bit on Saturday after the game in the locker room and the players' lounge talking to players, recruits and coaches.

"I am just trying to think about what else I did. I ate so much yesterday and this weekend. I had probably about eight meals yesterday. My mom and I took some pictures on the field and then went into the locker room, players' lounge and just hung out talking to coaches and recruits."

Today was a busy day for Bryant and his mother as they saw a lot more of the campus and got to talk to a lot more people involved with the program outside of the football coaches and staff.

"We took the real tour today. The one that we had yesterday was really just of the facilities and looking around the stadium offices. The tour today was off the school and academics."

This was the first official visit for Bryant so he wasn't really comfortable putting a number on what he would rate the visit. He didn't have anything bad to say about the trip beyond how he felt getting off the plane on Saturday morning.

"I don't know about a number, but it was really good. I didn't really know what to expect never being here before. I didn't have anything to go off of except my many calls with Coach Brown.

"There isn't anything I would change, but if there is something that could have gone better it was the plane ride. I am not really used to them. I wish I could have felt better after the plane ride.

"Distance isn't a big deal at all. From people I have talked to that are in college or have gone to college, the people that stayed close to home wished they would have gone to school further away. They could have experienced something new.

"The people that I spoke with that went further away were able to become their own person and liked experiencing something new that came with going to college."

The visit put Nebraska in a very good spot when it comes to possibly getting Bryant to commit. Bryant is looking at a couple of other official visits and recruiting will get a little more busy for Bryant since he just found out his team's season is done.

"Nebraska is definitely up there. This is the only official visit that I have taken. I didn't know what to expect and I won't forget it. I will be taking an official visit to North Carolina. That will either be for the Virginia Tech game or North Carolina State.

"Also, I will be looking at taking a trip to Hawaii on December 4th. I wanted to set that trip for a little later in the year to not interfere with my season, but I just found out that our season is over. Now, I have a little more time for recruiting."

A decision could really come at any time for Bryant. The decision is definitely going to be sooner before later too if he gets things squared away with the NCAA about academically being able to mid-year graduate and enroll in college.

"I am trying to graduate mid-year. I have been having some problems with the NCAA and eligibility from a class that I took, so I am not really sure. There is a chance that will happen then obviously I would like to make a decision soon, but not rush into it. We are thinking by mid-December unless the situation is right then I will commit when it's right."

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