Martinez back at it

Taylor Martinez is apparently the other Superman on the team, joining the original, sophomore Rex Burkhead. Martinez was back at it with the team, and Offensive Coordinator/Quarterback Coach Shawn Watson talked about his progress, the team they are facing and what the team is working on this week.

Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson said that Taylor Martinez came back and did better than expected. "I told you, he's Superman," he said. "He threw the ball around well today. He moved around good.  There's no swelling, no discoloration (of his ankle)."

Watson said Iowa State is similar to the Nebraska defense in that they don't' blitz a lot, but they play "gap" football and have been well coached. He added that make you earn what you get. "They are not a high risk defense like we saw last week. They make you earn your way down the field," he said. "They will test your patience a lot, and like I said, they play really good unit football. You can count on them being sound."

While the subject has been broached about a possible replacement for Martinez should he not be able to go, Watson seemed fairly certain that he would be, saying that he had no reason to believe he wouldn't be at a hundred percent come game time.

Another issue with Iowa State will be something that people who follow either team will remember all too well, that being the eight-turnover debacle by the Huskers against the Cyclones in Memorial Stadium last year. It's something Watson said you have to take notice of it when you play them, basically due to the fact that when it comes to forcing the other team to give it up, they are pretty darn good. "They do a great job, and you can see it on film. They put their hats on the football, and they do a great job of stripping the football," he said. "They do a great job of ripping, pulling and tugging. We are very aware of that."

One thing Watson has liked about his freshman quarterback is that he is a freshman. While Watson said it's not evident in his play, it is evident sometimes in how defenses treat his first-year signal caller. But he's all for it, if defenses want to treat Martinez like he's still wet behind the ears. "I hope they keep trying to do that, because it's given us a lot of big plays," he said. "As we've proved last week, we have more tools in the toolbox than one guy too. We've just got to keep playing our game and play off of those things they try and take away."

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