Santos loves the fans

David Santos has been a commitment to Nebraska since the end of July. But what that really means is that Santos hadn't seen Lincoln on game day before this past weekend. He's gotten by on word alone, but after experiencing it he couldn't say enough about the fans of Nebraska.

Klein (Texas) Collins had a game on Thursday night making it possible for David Santos to get to Nebraska this weekend for an official visit. Most people would have hopped on a plane that Friday, but instead his family along with Charles Jackson and family piled into the cars to drive to Nebraska.

"It's a long drive," Santos said. "I slept a lot of the way. It's a long drive, but a lot of it passed by because I was asleep."

Santos couldn't have had a better time in Lincoln this weekend. He wanted to see a game in Lincoln and came away impressed with the fans and the game day experience as a whole.

"I had a really great experience up there. All of the fans are great, the atmosphere is great and the game days in Lincoln are really exciting.

"I love the fans and I love the team. Everything went really well for me this weekend and I enjoyed myself a lot."

The tunnel walk seemed to have caught all of the recruits this past weekend off guard. One of the main reasons it does is because the recruits are led out before the team. They don't anticipate anyone being there to see them or recognizing them.

"I was kind of surprised at first, since we come out before the team, then people were yelling our names and shaking our hands. It feels good when people know you.

"You get that feeling that when people say that Nebraska has great fans you know that by how they treat their recruits and you have to know that their players get that as well."

Santos took a trip to Nebraska this summer and committed to the Huskers shortly after. It was in the off-season, the summer, so seeing a game in Lincoln was the first thing he wanted to do. Besides that he just wanted to meet and talk more of the players and see Lincoln.

"I definitely wanted to see the game, Nebraska is all about the game day experience and the fans, and I happy that I got to see that on this trip. That was the most important thing.

"I wanted to just see more of Lincoln. I also wanted to see some more people, talk to some more players and have some fun. My parents and I have already done everything with the academics this summer."

The visit score was perfect for Santos, but he does have one complaint. While he was up in Nebraska he didn't have the best cell phone coverage, but that is all he could think of when asked if anything could have been better.

"The visit was a "10", definitely. I liked my visit, a lot. There's nothing really that comes to mind that could have been better this weekend or about Lincoln, except for maybe better cellular service. That's about it."

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