Lyons will reschedule Nebraska

It might have been a weekend that Wayne Lyons couldn't have forgotten. Nebraska was hosting Missouri and knocked the Tigers from the ranks of the un-beatens. Still, it was more important for Lyons to stay home and take care of an injury that has robbed him of three-fourths of his season. Can the Huskers get him to take a visit later in the year?

Ask Wayne Lyons what his record is and he can ballpark it. It would definitely be more memorable had he been a part of the most of the games that Fort Lauderdale (Flor.) Dillard had played to this point.

"We are 4-4, I think," Lyons said. "This week we are going to know if we are in the playoffs or not. It's a district game for us and it's a big one."

Lyons has missed most of his senior year with a pretty serious knee injury. It wasn't a season ending injury, but it was definitely going to limit the time he would see the field this year. Lyons is trying to get for the game this weekend.

"I have been hurt. I sprained my MCL. I have missed six weeks or six games. I am trying to come back for the game this weekend that will determine whether or not we go to playoffs."

The official visit to Nebraska was just another one of the sacrifices that Lyons has had to make to try and get healthy. The game this coming weekend for Lyons and Dillard High School is make or break and he wants to get back on the field.

"I had to reschedule my official visit to Nebraska as a result of my injury. I wanted to try and get my knee back so I could play in the big game this weekend.

"I just had to postpone that one. I am not sure when I will be able to get up there. It might have to wait until after the season. I know that it was the Missouri game. It was a big game for them."

It's disappointing that Nebraska wasn't able to host Lyons the same weekend that they beat Missouri, but Lyons still has plans to visit Nebraska. The bad news is that the visit will have to wait until the end of the year.

Still, Lyons has many good things to say about Nebraska and particularly about their defense. Lyons likes the fact that Nebraska is so successful against the pass because of how many DBs they want to play at one time.

"Nebraska is still on my list though. Nothing is changing that. They play a lot DBs all the time, most of the DBs that they are playing now are leaving because of graduation and so I could play early.

"Their defense as a whole is really tough. They have one of the toughest passing defenses in the entire nation. I have seen them play a couple of times on TV already this year. I think that I fit in well to their defense."

The Huskers will definitely get one of the remaining official visits from Lyons. He is eyeing another school for a visit that will have to wait until the end of the year, and is calling those teams his current top four.

"Besides Nebraska, I have been talking to Michigan about taking a visit at the end of the year. I have already taken trips to UCLA and Notre Dame. Those are really my top four schools."


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