Set to see Nebraska

Yet another home game brings another opportunity to bring in some recruits and with some names coming off of the board at the defensive end position it's not a shock to see a defensive end coming in. Max Pirman is a solid hybrid type who the Huskers will try to impress this weekend. They will need to, because in order to get a commit from this one, he has to decommit from where he's going now.

Since April of this year Orrville High School athlete Max Pirman has been a commit to the Hoosiers. The 6-5, 218 lbs. linebacker has managed to draw his share of attention, though, not the least of which was the Huskers who came to Pirman with an offer in early June. With his size and reported 4.7-speed, it's not strange why Nebraska is still hot after him as well as Bowling Green, Kansas and some others.  

But he committed to Indiana, a pledge which he says he's sticking to, to this day. "I wouldn't say that I am looking around.  I am going to look at other places in case something were to happen at Indiana.  Like say, the coaching staff gets fired or something huge recruiting-wise, like a violation takes place," Pirman said.  

"I am 110% sure that I am going to Indiana as of right now.  The only thing is, and this is like I said, I need that second option.  I can't leave myself stuck out in the middle of nowhere and not have anywhere to go." 

While many kids are already figuring out where their final official visits are going to do, Pirman has had a bit more on his mind. Like playing football as Orrville got through the first round of the playoffs, and now gets ready for their next battle against Elyria Catholic, a team that has only lost one game this year, and that came back in the first week of October.  

"The season is going good," Pirman said.  "We are still in the playoffs, so as good as the season could have gone for us.  We have lost three games, so we are 8-3 on the season.

"Last year we had one of the best quality and most athletic classes to come through Orrville so as most of the spotlight was on them the people automatically assumed that our team as a whole wouldn't do very well.

"There are some standout, quality players on our team that people knew were going to do well, but I think that the team really gelled together and exceeded a lot of peoples' expectations as far as our season goes." 

The day after that second round game is when he's getting ready to hit the road. "I am going out to Nebraska to see a game on November 13th with Mason Monheim from my team.  That is for the Kansas game this coming weekend," he said. I have looked at Notre Dame and they haven't offered me yet.  If Indiana didn't work out and Nebraska didn't work out then I would move onto Notre Dame." 

The 6:00 pm kickoff for the KU game will work out well for Pirman and any other visitors who are slated to come in that weekend. The out-of-state recruits may still have to take the red eye flight into Nebraska. But unlike many of the previous home games, they won't be harshly greeted with only a few hours of sleep before the big day of the official visit is at hand.  

Pirman is considered to be either a defensive end or a linebacker, depending on the system in which he's projected to play. For the Huskers his versatility is vital as Bo Pelini and company seem to be experimenting with their defensive ends playing sometimes from the up position, giving them more freedom to take advantage of their athleticism.  

Stay tuned to Big Red Report as we keep you up to date on Pirman and more visitors as the Kansas game approaches.


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