Check out some notes from today's press conference as the Huskers come off a narrow wind on the road against Iowa State and now prepare for a home stand against Kansas.

  • Had a brief chance to talk to Dejon Gomes, Yesterday Secondary Coach Marvin Sanders said that Gomes  has been battling injuries for a bit, and the one that's been nagging him has been his ankle. He said that he was about as banged up in the course of a game against Iowa State as he was at any other point of the year. But he also said he'll be 100 percent by the game. He said that for sure.
  • Bo said that when he was here in 2003 as the D.C., he obviously got to know Turner a bit, but said that Gill wasn't really the guy he looked to when it came to learning about the program. He leaned more on former Husker Head Coach Frank Solich than him. Pelini said that he wasn't sitting around talking a lot with anyone, because as he said "I had a lot on my plate that year." That one year Pelini took a defense which ranked 50th or worse in most categories and had them finish up as one of the best defenses in the country, the Huskers ranking first in pass efficiency defense, turnover margin as well as interception.
  • Kansas has played three different quarterbacks this year, but Bo said that the offense has stayed the same regardless of who Turner threw in there. So, they wouldn't be changing their plans to suit a particular QB.
  • A question was asked about Rex Burkhead and how much of a leader he's become. Bo agreed with that"I think Rex has became a team leader pretty quick around here. He's just a guy who brings it everyday. It draws respect. He's an exceptional young man in every way."
  • "Obviously, you can learn all the time. You want them to be out there. Hopefully, it will make him that much more hungry.I think he's just anxious to get back out there and play." That quote was from Bo  talking about Taylor Martinez wanting to be out there for the Iowa State game, and trying as hard as he could during that week to get ready. He wasn't ready, but Bo said that the experience can help him down the road.
  • Everybody is tired this time of the year. You get to this point of the year, you have a lot to play for. If we were 1-8, it would be a lot harder. You have to put your foot on the gas pedal and go.
  • Bo on Eric Hagg: "He does so many things for us. We ask him to do a lot. week to week, we ask him to do a variety of different things. I think he's having an exceptional. He'll play at the next level. There's no question in my mind. Teams like to create mismatches. When you have Eric Hagg on the field, it's a lot harder for them to do it."
  • On recruiting, and how the team is obviously recruiting for their time in the Big Ten and not the Big 12, Bo said that it has some impact on how they recruit, because the players and how they look might not exactly be the same. "We are playing a little smaller than we will in the future," Pelini said.
  • Some of those size issues have been a point of criticism at times with the Huskers, because the run defense hasn't been nearly as good this year as it was last season. in 2009 the Huskers were ranked in the top 10, giving up just over 93 yards per game on the ground. This year they give up an average of just over 161 yards per game, ranking them 73rd in the country. But Pelini said that the running deficiencies aren't necessarily what they appear to be. "The things that have happened to us in the run game - some of it is philosophical," Pelini said. "I don't think it's a personnel issue. I don't think we have been out "physicaled.""
  • As for what he had last year in the form of not just all-everything DT Ndamukong suh, there was linebacker Phillip Dillard, safety Matt O'Hanlon as well as safety Larry Asante, who were all noted for being solid tacklers, O'Hanlon above all. "We knew going in that we would miss that some. Matt was a really good tackler. (But) You look at the first year of those guys, that was a house of horrors a little bit," Pelini said. "They (the current players) are growing into their position. Some things on the surface, people don't realize."
  • Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach Shawn Watson said that he expects Taylor Martinez to be 100 percent by the game. He said today will be a big day for him, because it's base install.
  • Watson said that Cody did well in what they asked him to do. He said they weren't asking much, due to the situation with Taylor and Zac being banged up.
  • Kind of interesting, but I asked wide receiver Brandon Kinnie if he knew who Turner Gill was. He said "nope." Based on his comments, it would seem some might know about him, but if they learned about him it was on their own. It's understandable that no coach feels that they need to know who Turner is. How does that help your team win? But it is interesting that a person who is so iconic in Husker history is basically anonymous to most of the Huskers of today.
  • You know those cards you have gotten used to seeing on the sidelines of an Oregon game? They have pictures of personalities and sometimes all manner of stuff. Nebraska started using those cards last week. Apparently it's easier for players to digest some things when it comes to the pictures. But according to Watson, there have been some pictures which weren't quite appropriate to make the cards or they were actual inside jokes between some. But yes, the cards do serve a purpose of helping players identify what the offense is going to do.
  • Another interesting tidbit from the press conference was again, from Kinnie. He said that he made an official to Kansas, and the thing that really turned him off of the Jayhawks was the fact that then Head Coach Mark Mangino introduced himself to Kinnie five or maybe even six times. And this wasn't over a matter of days. This was over a matter of hours. He said that turned him off Kansas right there.
Stay tuned as we will have video coming up from Bo Pelini, Shawn Watson, Brandon Kinnie and Cody Green.



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