Turn the Page Tuesday – ISU to Kansas

In 2009, the Huskers became their own worst enemy against Iowa State in Lincoln. There were just too many turnovers to overcome by Nebraska. In 2010 Nebraska went to Ames and it was more of the same. The Huskers made bad turnovers, but were able to overcome it. Nebraska looks to play a more disciplined game against Kansas this Saturday in Lincoln.

The Huskers were just one play away from going from the driver's seat in the Big 12 North and a clear path to the Big 12 Championship to being on the outside looking in. The Huskers needed overtime and an interception of a two-point conversion to seal the deal in Ames.

Winning pretty or winning ugly doesn't matter in the win-loss column. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things unless you apply it going forward. The Huskers have questions at the quarterback position and at other various positions on the field when it comes to discipline.

The Huskers picked up some buffer in the Big 12 North race with a loss by Missouri but have three games remaining on the schedule before the Championship game in Dallas. One game at a time, the next is Kansas in Lincoln. First let's look back to Iowa State and then a quick glimpse ahead to Kansas.

Final Iowa State thoughts:

- It's hard to be tough on Niles Paul after the public confrontation that he took from a Nebraska fan(s) after the Texas game, but he's undisciplined. The bad news is that Nebraska suffers from these acts of being undisciplined, but what's worse for Niles Paul is that every catch, every return and every snap is a job interview and is there any NFL team that is excited about how Niles is playing right now?
- Cody Green started out pretty erratic with his first passing attempt and going right to left on the TV looked to settle down. It was an admirable job by him to come out and act like he has been the man all season when we know he hasn't been.
- What's more admirable about Green's performance is how he performed when, at the very least, got his bell rung pretty good and at the very worst could have easily had a concussion and came back. It was pretty gutsy regardless. Quarterbacks, from time to time, when the bullets are flying curl up in the fetal position and start sucking their thumb.
- Like I said in my pre-game article this game felt like it had Rex Burkhead's name all over it. The wildcat is nice and you had to wonder when it would become a large part of the offensive game plan. It would be nice to see at least a few plays from it each and every game.
- I wasn't as sold about the play of Austin Cassidy and Courtney Osborne as the safeties after Missouri like others were. I thought that the secondary played an exceptional game against Missouri and I gave most credit to the cornerbacks. But, after watching Cassidy and Osborne this weekend they are a very good tandem and fit very well with what Nebraska is trying to accomplish out of the safety spot.
- I thought that the offensive line play was very solid up front. I didn't see Iowa State as being a big threat up front so this should have been a defensive line that Nebraska should have looked good against. But, we have said that before and games like South Dakota State have happened.
- Was it just me or did it drive you a little crazy to keep seeing Paul Rhoades on the Iowa State sideline? I don't know what he even does during a game except cheerlead and politic. What does a head coach do that doesn't wear a headset during a game?
- Eric Hagg gets the game ball, end of story. That was a key interception, but you just felt like Iowa State would pull something cute like that.
- I hope that the Big 12 gets the film on the Rex Burkhead touchdown and do something to discipline the player from Iowa State that actually looked to have hold of Rex Burkhead's helmet through the ear hole and maybe even up under the helmet. Regardless where he had hold it looked bad and as you watch the replay there was a second or two where Rex was focused on holding onto the football and then you can see his right arm come up to push the Iowa State defender off of him.
- I thought that I had seen some great non-calls already this season to send Nebraska off to the Big 12. However, I think that I saw quite a few missed holding calls and the pick that Iowa State ran on the touchdown pass to Robinson was one of the biggest missed calls I have ever seen. Add all of the missed calls up Saturday and the rest of the season and the missed personal foul on Rex's touchdown run on top was just the cherry on top of the missed calls sundae.

First Kansas thoughts:

- What a Jekyll and Hyde team this has been for Kansas. Kansas loses the season opener to North Dakota State, 3-6, and after a week of some pleas to fire Turner Gill after one game led to Kansas State knocking off 15th ranked Georgia Tech the very next week.
- Kansas is 3-6 overall and 1-4 now in the Big 12 after an overtime win against Colorado this past weekend. Kansas was trailing 35-10 at halftime against Colorado and came back to win 52-45.
- Kansas might be hitting their stride right now with James Sims running the football. Sims rushed the ball 20 times for 123 yards against Colorado.
- Kansas might be hitting their stride in the running game, but will be starting Quinn Mecham at quarterback. Mecham was the #3 on the quarterback on the depth chart when the season started for Kansas.
- While KU is looking at starting their third string quarterback you wonder which quarterback will be playing for Nebraska this coming weekend as well. Coach Bo Pelini mentioned that Zac Lee is set to return to practice, Taylor Martinez practiced last week and there is still Cody Green who started last week against Iowa State. Who will get the nod?
- Turner Gill returns to Nebraska this weekend as the head coach at Kansas. There are those that wanted Gill after Bill Callahan or Frank Solich was fired. Regardless of why Gill never got the job, he has gone on to the NFL and back to college football as a head coach and enjoyed success. I am sure that Turner Gill will be given a warm welcome back in Lincoln this weekend and it will be well deserved.

This is a fairly abbreviate version of "Turn The Page Tuesday", but these are the things that are swirling around in my head this Tuesday.


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