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Niklas Sade is putting some things at risk this weekend. It's a calculated risk, but it's still a risk nonetheless. Sade is set to see Nebraska this weekend and is leaving on Friday morning for Lincoln. You'd think that his game was on Thursday, but it's actually on Friday. Yep, he's skipping. He'll have everything set for his absence so he can see Nebraska take on Kansas.

Niklas Sade is getting ready for this weekend. That includes some homework that needed to be caught up on. Sade and Raleigh (N.C.) Wakefield are still in-season in fact the playoffs start this weekend.

"I am busy doing homework," Sade said. "I have to do some things before I take my official visit this weekend. We are also still in-season right now with the playoffs.

"We are 9-2 on the season. They are tough this weekend, but we should be able to beat them. They are 6-4. This is the first round of the playoffs."

Sade has had a solid senior year. He isn't for sure on any of his stats beyond missing just one field goal, only a few kickoffs not going back for touchback and having two of his PATs blocked.

"My season has been good. I think field goal wise I am six for seven or seven for eight. I don't know how long the miss was. I would have to go back and look.

"I have mostly had touchbacks. There have only been a few that didn't reach the end zone. I have had two PATs blocked otherwise I am perfect there."

This weekend Sade will be on his official visit to Nebraska. Sade was in Lincoln this summer when he attended the summer kicking camp after which he ended up getting an offer after camp. He is interested in seeing Memorial Stadium full after imagining it full at camp.

"I was in Lincoln this summer for the kicking camp. I was imagining the stadium being full when I was there this summer. I want to experience that and the atmosphere for a game.

"I didn't really see any players this summer so I would like to meet some of the guys. I spoke to most of the coaches and the academic center was being built when I was there this summer. I would like to see how far along that is."

Sade is going to be arriving in Lincoln fairly early. In fact, Sade is leaving Friday morning. His first round playoff game isn't on Thursday night though. Sade is missing the game, as long as his backup is ready to go, to get to see Lincoln this weekend.

"I leave Friday morning. I am actually skipping my game. It's the first round of the playoffs so I think that I can do it. My coach said that as long as I get the backup kicker ready that I will be fine."

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