NU visit impresses Ohio junior

Making his first visit ever to the state of Nebraska, 2012 linebacker prospect Mason Monheim didn't know what to expect from a game day experience in Lincoln. But apparently after all the tours on campus, meeting with the coaches and players, and watching the Huskers put up a dominating performance of defense, Mason says the visit went down better than he ever could have expected.

When I reached Mason Monheim earlier today, I could tell the junior from Orrville (Oh) was worn-out after his official to Nebraska this weekend. But when asked to describe his visit to Lincoln, the top junior immediately perked up.

"I was blown away! I couldn't believe how nice everything was out there, and how easygoing all the people were.

"I had a game on Friday, so we flew in after that real early Saturday morning. I'm pretty tired right now."

Mason said from the time he stepped off the plane, he got a good vibe from the atmosphere.

"Honestly, the place reminds me a lot of Ohio, and where I'm from in Ohio. I liked it a lot, everyone seemed real laidback and easygoing. I wouldn't say it was real country like, but in a way it was. You know, I'm from a small town and I like the way Lincoln has that same feel to it."

What about the campus itself, and the athletic and academic facilities? Did you get a good look at those?

"Wow, that's all you can really say. Everything there really blew me away, I honestly wasn't expecting it to be so nice. Everything they have there for their student athletes is unbelievable.

"And before the game with Kansas, we got to sit in on some of the meetings and stuff. I hung out with Coach Ekeler the most, he took me on some tours and stuff too. He showed me the weight room, training table, and all the practice fields, things like that. I talk to all the academic people, and the nutritionist, anybody you can think of I talked to.

"And I've been to several other schools, but nothing I've seen is quite like Nebraska. I doubt there are too many schools out there with the kind of facilities Nebraska has, maybe none. Another thing I liked, everybody made me feel wanted there. I was just in there on an unofficial visit as a junior, but nobody made me feel that way. It was all first class."

One other aspect that really appealed to Mason, the fact Nebraska is known as a "football school".

"That's what I want. You know how some schools are known for basketball and maybe having great baseball teams? But when you say Nebraska, you think football, and I like that a lot. I loved seeing all the fans and how much they love the team. It reminds me of home. Everything there is all about the Nebraska Cornhuskers."

Seeing the Blackshirts in action, he said the Nebraska scheme was something he could definitely envision himself playing in. And after meeting with the coaches pregame, Mason said he actually wasn't surprised when Kansas couldn't break the century mark in total yardage.

"The defense was unreal, but honestly I'm not surprised by it. Listening to the coaches in the meetings, talking with the coaches, you can tell they know what they are talking about. The results speak for themselves, it's not easy to hold anybody under 100 yards, at any level. So to do it in college is just amazing.

"I could see myself out there doing those things too. I talked a lot with Chase Rome and all he talked about was how they preach doing your job, playing your assignments, things like that. That's how great defenses work, you play as a team and work together."

The 6-foot-1, 215 pounder carries one offer to date, but it sounds like many more could be on the horizon.

"I've got one (offer) from Illinois right now. But I get a lot of mail from schools like Iowa, Michigan, Notre Dame, Michigan State, West Virginia and a few others. I feel like a couple more offers could be coming soon."

Did you get the sense from the Nebraska coaches that they have legitimate interest in you? In other words, do you feel an offer from NU is likely?

"They said I'm the kind of person and player they like to get in program. Just a hardnosed guy, that will work his butt off and who just loves the game. They said they would be in contact with me pretty soon, and they seemed interested, so I'm feeling pretty good about it."

Also on campus this weekend for an official visit was Mason's teammate Max Pirman, a 2011 DE prospect currently committed to Indiana. And while Pirman has been unavailable for comment so far, Mason gave us his two cents on how Pirman's visit went.

"I don't think Max knows what to do right now, I know he loved the visit to Nebraska just like I did. When we were talking on the visit, he was just talking about how great everything was, so I know he had a good time. Nebraska gave him a lot to think about, I know that."

We'll keep tabs on Mason, and bring you more updates on the talented linebacker as his senior year approaches. We're also trying to track down his teammate Max Pirman at this very moment for his reaction to the visit this weekend.


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