Blown Away

Written interviews for Ryan Klachko just don't do them justice. You don't hear the excitement in his voice when he's talking about football or about Nebraska. The second thing that you miss is just how he answers a question. The words and types of words that immediately come out after a question just sell his excitement. This interview was just off the charts…

Ryan Klachko is somewhere east of Lincoln on their way back to Illinois. Klachko said the words that could have been the opening lines to a book that maybe he will one day write.

"We are traveling down a road somewhere in Nebraska," Klachko said. "We are leaving Lincoln and heading home right now. We just finished up with the visit."

Klachko has been in Lincoln since late Thursday night, but his visit didn't start until 11:00 in the morning on Friday. One of the things that he enjoyed during his time in Lincoln was the food that he was able to eat.

"I got to town actually on Thursday night, but my visit didn't really start until Friday at 11:00. We started out at the training table because Nebraska is all about getting enough to eat. I ate so much food and I wouldn't be surprised if I am hitting 310 (pounds) right now.

"I'm just playing, but I did eat a lot. If you haven't seen the training table at Nebraska then it's something that I highly recommend that you do before you leave this earth. There is food for days! Food for days!"

After eating, Klachko said that he was meeting with the coaches and the other people that are associated with the players in the program. He also saw the locker room and went to the movie later that night with the team.

"After that, I went up and met with the coaches and met with everybody. We went around and took a tour for a little bit. Met up with the team and sat in on a few team meetings. I had a lot of meetings with the staff like Coach Dobson and the Sports Nutrition folks.

"I saw the locker room and got to see the iPads that Ndamukong Suh bought for the team that everyone is so ecstatic about. I got a chance to hang out with the team for while after that and saw the movie "Unstoppable" with the team. I had a snack before going to bed, of course"

Of course when Klachko got up there was more food and then some more meetings. Klachko was rattling people off one after another that he met Saturday. And all of this was before noon that day.

"That morning I had breakfast with the team then had some more meetings. I met with Dennis LeBlanc and Alvin Blank that morning. Everybody was just great that we worked with, everyone is great at Nebraska, and then met with Keith Zimmer who is the Life Coordinator. I had a great time.

"I saw Coach Barney Cotton all the time that day. I also would randomly get dropped in on by one of the coaches. They were always popping in to say hello to see how I was doing. I also got to talk with Tom Osborne and that was a great experience. That was amazing."

Closer to the game that day, Klachko said that he and the other recruits made their way out of the locker room down the tunnel walk. He was blown away by the fans knowing his name and by the seats that he had for the game.

"The tunnel walk was amazing. I left with the recruits and was walking through and there were fans along the tunnel. Through the tunnel the fans knew my name and were yelling my name before the team came out. It was just so crazy. The team took the field and it was just nuts to hear people yelling like that.

"We went to the game and had amazing seats. It was section 7 and row 17; just great seats. I had a great time that night with my host, Mike Moudy, who is a redshirted offensive lineman from Colorado."

Klachko gave the visit a perfect score and then some. He is impressed by all of the people that are in Lincoln and that are associated with the football program. Klachko couldn't think of anything on the visit or at Nebraska that he would change at all. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

"I had a great time while I was there. Whenever I am in Lincoln it's always either a "12" or a "13" on a scale of 1-10. The environment in Lincoln is made with good people and good football. I didn't meet a person that wasn't extremely nice and an avid football fan. I really respect everything that Lincoln has and all of the people.

"Honest to goodness, I saw Nebraska for the first time at midnight on my unofficial visit there and I fell in love with it the first time that I saw it. Honestly, I couldn't think of a single thing that I would change at Nebraska. It's all perfect. Nebraska is made to perfection; Nebraska is perfection. I couldn't change a thing."

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