Visit really opened Pirman's eyes

The Huskers have a way of cranking it up in the area that recruits in the stand might be paying the closest attention. This past weekend against Kansas the Huskers had sick sacks and had a good pass rush all night. The performance of the Blackshirts, and a lot of other things, caught the eye of Max Pirman.

Max Pirman is still catching up from a lack of sleep over the weekend. Pirman was trying to make up for some missed time today in school.

"I had to get some studying done," Pirman said. "I didn't really get a chance to get up and get to school today so I had to get to study group tonight. I was tired."

Pirman said that Ryan Klachko was right about one thing over the weekend and that was that all of the recruits ate a lot. "Oh man, we ate a lot. On Saturday we probably ate eight or nine times."

While the food was good there wasn't anything that Pirman could say was wrong with Nebraska. He said that the visit really went well.

"I had a great visit. I really liked Nebraska. There really wasn't one thing that I didn't like about Nebraska. I pretty much liked everything about Nebraska."

Pirman got to Lincoln early on Saturday morning. Before the game that night Pirman said that he was able to spend some time with the coaches at Nebraska and the Athletic Director.

"We got into Lincoln probably around 10:00 or so. Before the game we went and talked to the coaches, went to meetings, we ate and we spoke with Tom Osborne before going to the game."

The visit with Tom Osborne definitely stands out to Pirman as one of the highlights of the weekend. It was also one of the things that he said his dad enjoyed the most as well.

"Anytime you get to meet a legend like that its pretty special. I was pretty much in awe the entire time. It was awesome to get a chance to meet him. My dad was even more in awe than I was because he's a bit more familiar with Tom Osborne when he was a coach."

Right before the team comes out the recruits get a chance to exit the locker room and head out of the tunnel and onto the field. Pirman said that the tunnel walk was great.

"The tunnel walk was great. There is nothing like it. I really enjoyed coming out of the tunnel before the team and going out onto the field. It was nice.

"A lot of people knew who I was and were saying my name. I have never really experienced anything like that before so that was pretty cool."

The Nebraska defense was just on this past Saturday. The defense allowed less than 100 total yards to Kansas and Pirman said watching the team in the stands was quite a thrill.

"They're awesome. There is not one position or player that you can watch their game and then point out where there is a weak spot. They're all great players.

"The performance as a whole on the defensive side of the ball was great. It was such an experience to get to see the defense play like that in person when I am usually watching on T.V. on Saturdays."

The scheme was something that Pirman was watching, but there isn't one position on defense that Nebraska is pinning Pirman to. It's open to him either playing defensive end or even possibly linebacker.

"I am not sure because it's really about where the coaches feel like they want to play me where I think I will be the best fit. If they think that I could potentially play defensive end then that would be great or if they think that they would rather have me at linebacker then that would also be great. It doesn't matter to me."

Pirman was hosted by a defensive line recruit from last year, but after the game on Saturday night the day and the lack of sleep from the night before really weighed on Pirman and took him back to the hotel early.

"My host was Chase Rome. He's a great guy and really funny. His dad is a UFC trainer and he was there. We hung out in the dorms and they are super nice. We didn't hang out real late because I only got three hours of sleep."

Usually when asking a recruit how would they rate the visit there is a number that they will just blurt out. Not Pirman. He was a little more guarded about that, but said that Nebraska would be a pretty high rating.

"I would say the tour and everything, the way that they set that up, it was extremely, extremely great and that would be really high on the scale. I was not expecting for them to treat me the way that I was treated.

"It wasn't just the people at Nebraska, but the fans as well. I really can't give it a number though, just know that it's pretty high. It was through the roof. It was crazy."

When we caught up with Pirman last week he said that he was taking a trip to see Nebraska because he needed another option to Indiana in case something happened. That being said, Nebraska did all that they could and Pirman said that he will have to finalize a decision at some point.

"I am not going to really elaborate on that very much, but I will say this and that is that the visit really opened my eyes a lot to see what else is out there.

"It opened my eyes not from the sense that I am definitely going to go there, but it really helped me out when it came to making a decision. I am not sure if there is a time that I will know. I think that it will just hit me when I am comfortable."

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