Moving On Monday – KU to A&M

It was a game that if you are a defense guy was the pinnacle of the season so far. The Huskers completely shut down the Kansas offense, but when the Huskers had the ball it was good, but not great. Taylor Martinez was back on the field and noticeably slowed down by a leg injury. Now the Huskers get ready to travel to College Station for a showdown with Texas A&M.

The game against Kansas didn't get out of hand like I thought it might by the Nebraska offense, but I didn't think that Nebraska's defense would throw the kind of game that they did either. The Blackshirts were dominating!

Temper your enthusiasm though Husker fans because Texas A&M isn't Kansas and has one of the best passing offenses and rush defenses in the nation. The Huskers are set for a national showcase on Saturday night in College Station.

I will also be moving the "Turn The Page Tuesday" to Monday, so that means that there must be a name change. The move coincides with the press conference that really overwhelms the site for the whole day on Tuesday.

So here are the things on my mind on Moving On Monday.

Last thoughts on Kansas:

- I thought that the defense played a very good game. The Huskers only allowed 87 yards (72 rushing and 15 passing) to Kansas this past weekend. That is over 250 yards short of Kansas' average.
- Alfonzo Dennard looked great in his first game back. His interception looked like it could be a long completion, but Dennard had some great closing speed to intercept the ball.
- The pass rush looked good on Saturday night as well. The Huskers had six sacks and added two quarterback hurries. Nebraska's D was on the other side of the line of scrimmage as well for two more tackles for loss.
- The KU game was probably the best game that Husker fans have seen from Jared Crick and Baker Steinkuhler as a DL tandem. Both of them were very big against the pass and against the run.
- It was good to see Taylor Martinez back on the field, but it's clear that is not the same ol' Taylor. It was almost like seeing Bo Jackson running after he had his hip surgery, it was just depressing to see.
- That being said, I am guessing that a 75 or 80% Martinez is greater than Cody Green? I am guessing that was a concussion that he had against Iowa State and it had to be a pretty severe one.
- Is it me, or does Nebraska have even more first round picks on defense next year? That's right, I said picks. I already thought that Crick was a guy that someone would take a chance on next year early, but I think that Dennard should be mentioned as one of the top CBs in the game next year and Lavonte David needs to get a mention too.
- Will Compton and David seem to be doing very well as a tandem in the peso with one another. The chemistry between the two, after Compton missed time at the start of the season, looks to finally be there.
- I thought that Rex Burkhead and Roy Helu played well, but there are always concerns when the fumbles are there. Nebraska is going to need to get a better handle on the ball.
- Disappointing that the crowd wasn't as into the Kansas game as they have been other games this season based on Bo Pelini's comments. I would say that from watching from home that the Huskers seemed to get in front and kind of backed off on the gas because it really wasn't needed. Kansas just couldn't get anything going offensively against Nebraska.
- I really liked the way that Niles Paul bounced back this way and had a big game. I also thought that Kinnie had a big night as well. I know that it's got to be disappointing at times for these two to not get into the end zone on a consistent basis, but that doesn't excuse taking things into your own hands at any time and in the end hurting the team.

First thoughts on A&M:

- I'll be honest, this game has gone from scary to me before the season to being a game that I chalked up when I saw them playing Oklahoma State to scaring me again. A&M has really hit their stride.
- This is a game that couldn't have better match-ups. Nebraska has the rushing offense and A&M has the rushing defense. A&M has the passing offense and Nebraska has the rushing defense.
- It's the immovable object and an unstoppable force, which one will win out on Saturday night?
- If there is a hole in the A&M defense it's their passing defense. While Nebraska has been able to turn on the passing game when they have needed to that all happened when Taylor Martinez was much closer to 100% than he is now and that is a concern.
- This is a game that still plays into Nebraska's strengths. First, the Huskers typically take what they are given and will throw the ball if that is what is there.
- Second, A&M will not have seen a rushing attack like Nebraska will bring to town on Saturday night. The Huskers will just need to be able to make it a threat on any down and use it to set up the pass.
- Third, Nebraska has been monsters on the road this year. The Huskers have traditionally played well in College Station as well so that shouldn't be a huge factor.
- I am excited to get back down to College Station. A&M is one of the schools that I am sad Nebraska will not play at again on a consistent basis. They are rich in tradition. They love their country. It's just a great atmosphere. I can't wait!

There are just some things that are floating around on my head a day earlier this week and going forward on this Moving On Monday!


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