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Out of respect for the Indiana coaching staff, Max Pirman didn't go public when he spoke with Big Red Report earlier tonight. He knew how to do it the right way and said that it was necessary to talk to Indiana before going public. After Pirman spoke to Indiana he called Big Red Report back and said that the news is that he is now a Husker.

There were some short answers by Max Pirman tonight in an earlier story, but it wasn't necessarily anything out of the ordinary. Players with tough decisions in front of them tend to not want to talk about it a lot. It just wasn't the right timing for Pirman and that only happened 30 minutes later or so.

"I am sorry that I couldn't tell you a lot earlier when we spoke," Pirman said. "The deed wasn't done and I needed to get a hold of the coaches at Indiana to tell them that I was going to go to Nebraska."

The Huskers see Pirman as a defensive end that can rush the quarterback and also have a role as a defensive lineman that could drop back into coverage. Pirman knows that the coaches see a long frame that can add good weight.

"Nebraska likes me as a rush end who can either rush the quarterback or also drop back into coverage on zone read. They say that I will have the ability to add weight to my frame when I get up there."

Pirman admits that the deck was stacked against Indiana to some extent. He saw an Indiana team hanging tough with Wisconsin in the early part of the game and then saw the final score on an official visit to another school. He knows that there will be some changes at IU and doesn't want to get caught up in that.

"First off, it was a case of great timing for Nebraska and bad timing for Indiana. I'm eating with Coach John Papuchis and I see the Indiana score on the screen come up 17-10. I thought that they were going to hang in there.

"Then some time went by and I saw the score again and Indiana had lost 83-20. There are some potential coaching changes coming down at Indiana and I just don't want to necessarily be part of that. I love Indiana and the coaches, for the record."

While it was a case of good timing/bad timing it was also about the coaches and the fans at Nebraska. Pirman says that Coach Bo Pelini really made him feel at home while the fans, some who weren't even 10 years old, knew who he was and was yelling his name. That had never happened before at Indiana.

"What really put me over the top to commit to Nebraska were the coaches at Nebraska. Bo Pelini is just a great coach and he really showed me how Nebraska wanted me this past weekend.

"Also, like we talked about earlier, there was that tunnel walk. There were seven and eight year old kids along the tunnel and they knew who I was. Nothing like that has ever happened to me when I was visiting Indiana."

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