Martinez back to old self

Check out some post practice audio as Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson talks about the offense, and about how he thinks that freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez is back to where he was before the ankle injury that has sidelined him one game and had him limited last week against Kansas.

Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson addressed the media today, and when asked the almost obligatory question about his freshman phenom, quarterback Taylor Martinez - he said he seems to be back where he was. "He's done really well this week. He's like the old Taylor. It's good to have him back like he was before the injury," he said.

When asked to expand on if that means he's 100 percent, Watson would not say that he was, but said that he's getting there. "He's really close. He's accelerating. He's making cuts on a dime," Watson said. "It's like having the old Taylor back."

Nebraska will be going into what is expected to be one of the most hostile venues they have visited this year. That's saying something as Nebraska has already been to Seattle to play Washington, and their venue is noted as one of the loudest places to play in the entire country.

But Watson said that could be a good thing, because as has seemingly been the mantra for this team all year, when they hit the road they play their best ball. "We have actually done better on the road than we have at home. Anytime you are forced to focus on the communication, it heightens it in a way, because the crowd can get really loud," he said.

The animosity from the Aggie fan base is expected to be amplified that much more this weekend, because of some comments made by Husker Head Coach Bo Pelini. While his quotes "Our fans are better than Aggie fans" was said in jest, potentially as a point to diffuse the flack he's been getting from his own fan base following comments he made about their lack of intensity against Kansas - Aggie fans seem to be using the quotes without the context as a rallying cry.

The Aggies probably don't need much help from their own fan base as their team is the hottest in the conference right now. They have won four straight games with junior Ryan Tannehill under center and junior running back Cyrus Gray in the backfield. Under the new quarterback who vacated his job as a wide receiver, Tannehill has his Aggies averaging over 42 points per game. And Gray is on a streak of four games with over a hundred yards per.

Despite their surge and Nebraska's questions, the Big Red are currently four-point favorites in the game. But maybe they have seen how much of a road team Nebraska seems to be. We'll see this Saturday if that remains the case.

Check out the following link for the full post practice audio with Shawn Watson.


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