Lambert already high on the Huskers

Junior linebacker prospect Quanzell Lambert from Sicklerville (NJ) already has several offers on the table, but says his most recent offer from Nebraska has really piqued his interest. He talks about how the Huskers first got involved in his recruitment, along with a myriad of other topics, in this latest update with Big Red Report.

With the move to the Big Ten next year, many Husker fans have speculated that a change in philosophy could occur as it pertains to linebacker recruiting. As of now, in the pass-happy Big 12, the Nebraska staff seems to prefer safety-sized linebackers who can cover TE's and RB's in the open field, rater than just big bodies meant to plug holes and stop the run.

But according to Quanzell Lambert, he fits the bill and can do both.

"I'm 6-foot-2 and I just weighed the other day, and I came in at 228. I've also been timed in the forty several times, I'm always in the 4.6's. So I feel like I have the size to play the run and the speed to still cover side-to-side when needed."

Q: Talk about your strongpoints as a football player, how would you describe your game?

"I'm really aggressive - that would be my number one thing. I like contact. I never quit when I'm going after the guy with the ball. I am a team player too, and try to be a leader for my teammates.

"Win or lose I'm going to give it everything I've got when I'm out on the football field."

 With half a dozen BCS offers already, Quanzell says other programs are also in constant contact.

"My first offer was from Rutgers, then others like Pittsburgh, Maryland, Iowa and South Carolina came in. I just got the one from Nebraska this week.

"I hear a lot from others too, like Penn State, West Virginia, Cincinnati, North Carolina and a few others."

Q: At this stage of your recruitment, are there any early leaders?

"Not to pick and choose, but I have Nebraska at the top right now. I have them high, very high on my list. That's the place to be if you play defense."

Q: Do you know much about the Husker program yet?

"Oh yeah, I watch them play every Saturday when they are on TV. I saw that Missouri game a few others. When I watch them play I imagine myself out there making plays.

"Man that defense, that defense is crazy. I don't know what they are ranked on defense, but I know it's like tops in the NCAA. I don't know a lot about the school itself yet, other than what I've read in some of the mail I've gotten. But I like what I've seen so far."

Quanzell then went on to talk about how and when the attention from Nebraska started.

"I saw one of there coaches at my school last year, I think they were looking at some other guys at my school. Then my coach pointed me out to coach Brown (Tight Ends Coach Ron Brown) when he was here and said ‘hey, you need to see this linebacker'.

"I guess he took my film back home. Then right after that, around September, I started getting all these letters from them. I just got the offer this week though."

Q: Have you spoken with anyone on the Nebraska staff yet?

"Yes sir, I just spoke to coach Brown not too long ago, about 10 minutes before you called."

Q: What was the message from coach Brown?

"He said they really love the way I play, and it would be great for me to come there for a visit. He said he looks forward to meeting me and getting to know me better as my recruitment goes on. Coach Brown is a nice guy, I like him already."

Q: Do you think you will get out to Nebraska on an unofficial sometime, or will you wait for official visits to start your senior year?

"On one of my breaks, probably Summer break, me and my dad are going to take a big trip and see a bunch of these schools. I'm already signed up for some of the big camps (U.S. Army) down in Texas next year, so I will swing by Nebraska then and get a look."

Q: Have you been on any unofficial visits yet?

"Yeah, I went down to South Carolina and I've been over to Penn State (childhood favorite), and then Rutgers too. I was at the Rutgers and North Carolina game, and the Penn State game when they played Illinois. I've also been to a few camps at some smaller schools around here."

He also had a surprisingly mature take on his timeframe for a decision, and how he ultimately sees his recruitment going down.

"I'm looking at it like this; I'm not going to be one of those guys that sits back and waits for all these offers to come in, just so I can say I have a bunch of offers," he said.

"I don't want to waste the time of a bunch of schools that I really don't have interest in. It wouldn't be right for me to let these coaches go out of their way to recruit me, when I already know I'm not going to their school.

"It (his commitment) will probably happen at the end of my junior year or early Summer. I want to get my commitment behind me so I can just focus on my last year in high school."

Quanzell then spoke about the things he'll be looking for in a program:

"Education is number one for me, without a degree today it's hard to get anywhere. The coaching staff, and how well they get along with the players. Is the team like a family?

"The atmosphere around the school and how I would fit in. I want to be around people I can trust and that can help me succeed later in life."

And for Quanzell, distance won't be a factor. In his mind getting away from home could be the best thing.

"It's just me and my dad here. My sister got out of here and moved, and my brother is in the county (jail). You can get in a lot of trouble around here so getting away might be good for me. My dad just wants me to pick the best school for my education and future, he told me not to worry about distance."


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