Moving On Monday – A&M to CU

And after the type of season it looked like Nebraska might have it comes down to having to win against Colorado this Friday for the Huskers to seal up the North. It's fitting to some extent that this game would come down to all of the marbles, but surprising at the same time. Before we talk Colorado though we have to think back to a painful game at Texas A&M.

Unfortunately the first thought that comes to your mind about Saturday night's game against Texas A&M won't be the Nebraska defense, but it should be. No, the first thing that will probably cross your mind will either be Coach Bo Pelini and how was on the sideline that night or the officials.

Take your pick both were not good, but one is a little misunderstood and needs a little bit of an adjustment while the other seems to be a parting gift on a sick game show. Husker fans can't wait for the Big 10 to put the Big 12 conference in the rear view, but before you do that you have to finish out this season.

And before you finish out this season you want to do it as good as you can and the season comes down to the game this Friday against Colorado to see whether or not Nebraska will represent the north in the Big 12 title game. Before we talk turkey with Colorado we have to go back and talk A&M despite it being so unpleasant to do.

Last Texas A&M thoughts: - One of the biggest tragedies in recent Nebraska history. The Husker defense allowed 6 points and Texas A&M scored 9 points.
- Officiating is supposed to be transparent. Whenever the officiating comes in an affects the outcome of the game, any game for any team, it's a tragedy.
- I was at the game in great seats, 35 yard line and four rows behind the Nebraska bench. I had basically a first row seat to the Bo show with the side judge.
- First of all, you have to really respect the fight in Bo when it comes to his team and their effort. I mean he wants the game as bad as those that are playing in it.
- I could hear my dad's words that night though when it came to things that I had done before in my past "right idea, wrong execution". They had never rang so true.
- It was clear that Taylor Martinez wasn't 100% healthy, but he looked improved against Texas A&M in comparison to how he looked against Kansas.
- He looked quicker, but he looked a little shiftier. That top gear though was still not there. It's clear though, that he was Nebraska's best option after seeing Green in the game.
- I can't say that I have thrown in the towel on the guy, because he does look more comfortable on the field than he did last year, and he is still very raw. But, there are just those moments where how raw he really is comes shining through.
- I am not sure on the interception if Cody was unaware of how strong of breeze there was coming out of the south. Even if he did, he sent it quite a few yards over his intended receiver and I am not sure if there was more of a miscommunication.
- It's also getting pretty clear that Cody struggles pulling the ball out on the zone read. He just can't seem to do it as cleanly as Martinez does as late as Martinez does.
- You also get a very good understanding in the difference in athletic ability between Martinez and Green when you see Green do the zone read. The quickness is just not there with Green. The read is slower and the decision as a result is slower.
- There were some passes that were dropped early that stalled out some drives by Niles Paul and Brandon Kinnie. As a whole though, I don't have a bad thing to say about any of the Nebraska receivers or tight ends, including Ben Cotton.
- Now, at the time, I had a lot to say about Cotton's two penalties. However, after watching the Tony Jerod-Edie though trying to check Cotton for a hernia or whatever I at least understood.
- Understood, but didn't condone. Look, these types of things happen. It shouldn't be part of the game to that level, but until these types of action are really reeled in on by a governing body they won't be. Jerod-Edie needs to be suspended multiple games.
- And while I already hit on that situation yesterday, the poor officiating as a whole cost Nebraska the game. The worst call and worst non-call of the season both happened in the 4th quarter in about a 5 minute duration of one another.
- The first was the non-call. I have never, I repeat never, seen a flag thrown for an apparent pass interference call only to see a conference between the umpire and the side judge to take place to then waive the flag off.
- What trumped that non-call was the late hit. First of all, it wasn't a late hit. Second, for those trying to make heads or tails after the game, it was a clean hit. It wasn't with the head or anything like that. Third, I contend that the pressure by Osborne was more than the hit, it was about the incompletion.
- I saw Ryan Tannehill really put some passes in there all night long. I didn't see many passes that missed the mark as badly as that one did. I think that the pressure by Osborne clearly contributed to how poorly that ball was thrown.
- Nebraska's offensive line is clearly nicked up at some positions. It looks like Keith Williams is the least healthy of all the starters. Ricky Henry played aggressively, maybe not intelligently. He could have been flagged at least once for a personal foul and maybe one other time.
- I can't believe that more penalties weren't called on A&M particularly on the A&M offensive line. There were plenty of times that I thought Jared Crick and Cameron Meredith were getting held.
- Sadly, the best two parts of the night (Alex Henery and Nebraska's defense) get the least said about them out of everything that I really have to say today. Lavonte David, Dejon Gomes and Eric Hagg are my defensive MVPs while players like Prince Amukamara and Alfonzo Dennard are right there too.
- Solid game by the defense. Just too many penalties to elongate drives and keep them on the field equaled a loss. It was one of the ugliest games I had seen from a penalty and offensive display perspective.
- If I do go back to re-watch the game it will be to count how many times Nebraska threw the ball on first down. Nebraska is just getting a little predictable. What's worse, is that inside the area that I would say Henery can make a field goal there is some pretty conservative play-calling taking place.
- Rex Burkhead ran hard. We saw Roy Helu after the long run in the second half come off of the field and I am not sure that he re-entered the game. He was pointing at his knee. Keep an eye on that one.
- Nebraska probably has enough to beat Colorado this week offensively and defensively, but unless the Huskers draw the Aggies for the Big 12 Championship I really don't know where the points will come from to stay with Oklahoma or Oklahoma State.
- A&M is one of the best game environments in college football. However, I would recommend a minimum height requirement for A&M fans when it comes to spinning those towels. I caught a towel in the eye next to the vertically challenged person I was standing next to too many time to count.

First thoughts on Colorado:

- Dang, I am going to miss Dan Hawkins! Sure, two years ago he got the best of Nebraska back in 2007, but in other years against Colorado with Hawkins as the head coach the Huskers have handled Colorado.
- By my count, the Huskers were 4-1 against a Hawkins' led Colorado team. I wonder if he still believes that 0-4 as a Buffalo beats being a Cornhusker any day? - But I digress, this Colorado team is a bit of a mystery. After starting out 3-1, including a win against Georgia, Colorado then lost their next five games leading to Hawkins dismissal.
- After Hawkins is fired Colorado ripped off two fairly impressive wins at home. The first against Iowa State, 34-14 and the other against Kansas State, 44-36.
- For a team that hasn't hired or named a head coach beyond the interim they are playing pretty good right now.
- A game against Colorado, in Lincoln or Boulder, typically never plays to the way the prognosticators see the game and that is what scares me a little about this game.
- This is what it comes down to…the Huskers must avenge what is possibly their ugliest offensive performance of the year and put some points up on Colorado. It will be interesting to see who happens at quarterback and how the team responds to a pretty tough week so far in the news.

These are just the things that are floating through my head this Thanksgiving week on Moving On Monday. To everyone out there, have a happy and safe holiday.


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