Expectations met

Husker commit Taariq Allen was making his second trip to Nebraska, but this would be his first opportunity to see Lincoln on game day. Allen said he enjoyed the tours, meeting the players and coaches and getting a look at all the facilities. But Taariq says without a doubt, the thing that stood out most was Husker Nation and the way they show their support for the program. Get the latest inside.

Q: Hey Taariq, have you made it back home yet?

A: "Yes sir, we just got back home. My dad came with me this time, he wasn't with me when I visited this summer. I had a great time, and so did he. He told me it was better than he thought it would be. He was blown away just like I was."

Q: What impressed you the most?
"That's hard to answer. I saw everything this time.  The weight room and training facilities are the best I've ever seen. And the way all the people treat you out there is first class. I felt like I already knew everyone and I'm not even on the team yet.

"And we ate so much I can hardly move, I know I gained at least 8 to 10 pounds, or at least I feel like it. The best thing to me though was the fans and how they support the team. You could just feel the energy from the crowd and how bad they wanted the win. They have the best fans in the country no doubt."

Allen also said the game atmosphere in Memorial Stadium is the best he's ever witnessed.

"I've been to a few other games at some other schools. I don't want to name names, but none of those places can hold up to what Nebraska has to offer. I was walking through that Tunnel Walk before the game and I had all these people screaming my name.

"It makes you feel like a rock star or something. I can't wait to experience it as a player."

Q: Did you get a chance to talk to the coaches and hang out with the players?

A: "Yeah, I talked to coach Gilmore and coach Pelini the most. At first they were just going to bring me in as an athlete, but coach Gilmore said I'm coming with him to (be a) wide receiver. He likes the way I play physical and use my body.

"I'll be playing the same position as Brandon Kinnie, so I watched him most of the game. He played great, and I could see myself doing a lot of the things they ask him to do. I also got to know Quincy (Enunwa) pretty good too. He is a wide receiver from California, and he said he loves it out there."

Q: Have you thought about trying to play as a freshman or would you rather redshirt?

A: "I'm not coming in there thinking about sitting out with a redshirt. I'm going to come in and try to play my first year for sure. If it doesn't work out then I'll do what the coaches want. But I want to help them next year win games. That's my mindset coming in."

Q: It's been several weeks since you made the switch from UConn to Nebraska, after this visit, do you feel you made the right decision?

A: "This visit met all my expectations. I wouldn't change anything about it. Even when I committed to UConn, I still thought about Nebraska a lot. And after this visit, I know I made the right decision. Nebraska is just the perfect fit for me, academically and athletically."

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