Huskers' stock goes up with Todd Peat

ranked as one of the top defensive tackles in the country, arizona prep Todd Peat went into his official visit very aware of the defensive tradition at Nebraska. But there was a lot he didn't know. He talked to us about the entire experience, and just where Nebraska is sitting on his list going out compared to where they were going in.

Big Red Report: What was your trip like to Nebraska?

Todd Peat: I had a great time. I was really impressed by the whole atmosphere, the game day. Just how the whole state just shuts down and comes to the game. I have never seen anything like that.

BRR: Anything surprise you about the atmosphere in respect to what you may have heard against what you actually experienced?

TP: Everything everybody said, it surpassed that. What really, really impressed me was that every time the defense would come out on the field, the whole crowd would just explode, especially the first time the defense came out. I was so impressed by it. I had just never seen anything like that before.

BRR: What other games had you seen up to that?

TP: I had seen Arizona, Arizona State and Stanford

BRR: Ndamukong Suh had his jersey retired in that game. What did you think of that, and did you get to meet him?

TP: It was great. I am such a huge Ndamukong Suh fan. I have followed him so much the last couple of years. Looking at his game, I have tried to model my game after him, because I just love the way he plays. I just loved meeting him.

BRR: He plays mean. That's the basic description of it. Are your games similar?

TP: That's something I feel like that is inherent. His game is a lot like mine. His moves, the way he plays with physicality. As for being mean, oh yeah, for sure. It's football. That's what you do.

BRR: Hearing so much about a guy, they can seem almost bigger than life. Suh is big, no doubt, but when you finally met him up close what did you think?

TP: He's big. He's a little bit taller than me. He's thicker than me right now. He's not huge. I met other NFL players. I worked out with Tank Johnson, a defensive tackle from the Bengals. But I see them and I know I can get there in a few years. I have always had that realization of how NFL players look, just from being around them as much as I have. The biggest thing about Suh and guys like this, they are in really good shape. There are a lot of defensive tackles who are overweight, and the good ones aren't.

BRR: You obviously spent some time watching the defensive line play against Colorado. Anything strike you from that experience?

TP: At first when I was watching, I couldn't put my finger on what was going on, because they weren't shooting gaps or anything. And the next day I asked Coach Pelini and Coach J.P. about it, and they said in their system they attack the man and not the gap. That allows the defensive lineman to make a lot of plays through two gaps.

BRR: What coaches did you get a chance to talk to?

TP: I talked to Coach (Ron) Brown who is recruiting me as well as Coach Carl and Coach J.P. They are down to earth and laid back guys.

BRR: It's funny you bring up laid back when talking about the coaches, especially Pelini. These guys have gotten a lot of recent press about their level of emotion. Do you think that's anything all that big, or is that just football to you?

TP: I have played for coaches who are worse than that. The coaches I have played with get after you more than that. I have had coaches from certain areas that, that kind of stuff is just normal. It's not a big deal. It's football.

BRR: What did you think of the weather at the game?

TP: People probably don't realize this, but even down here, in late-November it will be in the 30s at night. It's not that bad. It might be hot during the day, but during the night it gets colder than what people think. So, that didn't bother me at all.

BRR: How did your season go?

TP: Our team went 1-10. They fired our head coach, so it wasn't a good year. I had around 60-some tackles or five or six sacks

BRR: Does a season like that teach you anything?

TP: This year was huge for me in taking the leadership role, because I hadn't done that much. Just setting a good example for my team and helping to keep my team going.

BRR: Any surprises about Nebraska based on what you thought versus what you experienced?

TP: The only thing I really ever heard about was how cold it got there, and that didn't bother me at all. So, not really.

BRR: What's left on the recruiting schedule?

TP: I have three more visits and I am going to take them all. With what happened at Miami, I have to rethink that. And I will be visiting Oregon State. I was going to go to Miami, but that's obviously changed.

BRR: Where is Nebraska now versus where they were going into the visit?

TP: Honestly, Nebraska was one of my top schools going in, and they are still there. Actually, they probably helped themselves even more.


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