Position clarity for Davie

Even though Daniel Davie has made numerous trips to Lincoln, the talented all-around athlete says his official visit this weekend only made his commitment that much stronger. He also got a strong indication from the Nebraska coaches on what position he'll start his career at. We talk about that, and other topics, in this latest update from Big Red Report.

After seeing several Nebraska home games this season, you'd think there's not much left to see for a local recruit like Daniel Davie when he's on campus. But Davie said this time was different, because of the quality one-on-one time he received from the Husker coaches.

"Yeah, this time I got to spend a lot of time with the coaches. I talked with coach Gilmore a lot, and of course coach Pelini too. They just told me to keep working hard and stay in good shape. They also said be ready to compete when I get to campus. Coach Pelini just talked a lot about being ready to compete, and I told him I was."

Who came with you on the visit?

"It was just me and my parents this time. I've already seen everything pretty much, and so have they, so we all knew kind of what to expect. But it's still always a great, I had a lot of fun this time."

What did you and the other recruits do before the game?

"We ate with the team, and the night before we watched a movie together. We also got to sit in on some of the meetings with the players and coaches. I like that part a lot. You really get to see what it's like to prepare for a college game, and how intense everything is.

"The players and the coaches were all fired up for the game, there was so much on the line."

He also said there was a lot of talk about his eventual position when he arrives on campus. Initially it looked like he could come in as an athlete, with an equal probability of landing on either side of the ball. Now it appears he'll be catching passes not defending them.

"I'm up to 190 pounds now, the coaches said they liked the weight I put on and it should help me at receiver, they want me to play the slot. Early there was talk about me maybe playing defense when I get there, but from talking to coach Gilmore, he said I'll be playing wide receiver.

"They like my speed (10.3 100 meter) in the open field and they just want to put the ball in my hands. I'm all for it, I might even do some punt and kick return, we'll see. I'm really excited to get it started."

How was the game with Colorado, the atmosphere looked pretty electric on television?

"It was really loud, louder than most games I've been to there. Brandon Kinnie made some big plays, and the Quarterback played good too. It's a great place to see a college game, but watching the players come out of the Tunnel Walk and during warm-ups, I wanted to get out there with them.

"The crowd was pretty jacked up, it makes you want to suit up."

Did you get to talk to any of the players on the team or any of the other recruits visiting?

"Ron Kellogg was my host, but me and Taariq (Allen) got to know each other pretty good. I met him back at the camp in Lincoln last summer, and we just kind of became friends from there. I think we're going to room together as freshman next year.

"After the game we hung out with Jeremiah Sirles and Niles Paul. I got to talk to Niles for little bit. He was down about not being able to be out there, but he said he is pushing to get back for the bowl game."

What are your plans now? How will you stay busy before arriving on campus?

"I'm going to run track, the 100 and 200 meter are my events. And I'm going to keep working out as hard as I can. I've already put on about 6 pounds of muscle over the last month or two. Really, I want to get as strong as I can before I get there. I'd like to redshirt, but if they need me I need to be ready to play."

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