Stafford enjoys official visit

Daimion Stafford from Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) Chaffey J.C. took his official visit to Nebraska this weekend. Oddly enough, around some confusion, Stafford had set up a visit to Florida and was also getting some late interest from USC. However after a perfect weekend in Lincoln it seems Stafford is solid again to Nebraska.

One of the key pieces to the Nebraska recruiting class for 2011 is junior college safety Daimion Stafford. Stafford on film reminds a lot of what DeJon Gomes looked like coming out of junior college. Stafford called Big Red Report on his layover/

"We got up early and are on our layover," Stafford said. "We didn't have a lot of time in Lincoln, but we had a really good time. We missed our flight into Lincoln on Friday and got there that night after the game around 9:00."

It's always a good recruiting tool to put a recruit in front of 85,000+ fans to let the see game day for themselves. In this case though, Stafford is going to have to take some folks at their word.

"I know how that is. I know that Nebraska fans are great, but how different can a sold out crowd be? You want to understand what its like to get in front of them, but that will have to wait."

Things were rushed and Stafford was injected into the recruiting weekend as best as he could be once he got to Lincoln. He met his host, did the tour, hung out with some players and went to the basketball game on Saturday night.

"As soon as we got there we ate and I hooked up with my host DeJon Gomes and he showed me everything. In the morning I went in and ate breakfast, spoke to the academic people and all of that with the tour and went to the basketball game."

Gomes has been compared to Stafford and if you watch their junior college film you will see it. Gomes had some good advice for Stafford when it came to adjusting his game and the one thing that Stafford already got a dose of this weekend.

"He just told me to come in and be ready to compete. He said just to be ready and get used to the weather. I thought it was freezing today and he said it was a warm day. I thought it was freezing. I will get used to it."

Stafford said that he will have to wait to get to Lincoln until summer comes around. He will have some academic requirements that will require him to attend classes this spring. "I will have to wait until the spring to transfer. It's not a big deal. They just said to get it done, get up there and compete. It's not going to be a big deal."

There is the other matter of other teams moving in on Stafford and even an official visit set up to see a school. Stafford says that the visit is still set, but won't take it anymore. He says that he's solid to Nebraska.

"USC came in late and offered and I had an official visit set up to Florida. Nebraska came in and offered me early, they were first, and so I am a Husker. I know that I can go there, live there and compete. I am a Husker, 100%."

The visit could have only been better for Stafford if the weather would have been warmer. He knows that it comes with the territory though and it will not affect his decision when it comes to attending Nebraska.

"Oh it was a "10", for sure. I had a great time there in Lincoln this past weekend even if we didn't get to the see the game. The only thing that could get better would be the weather, but it's not going to change my decision."

Stafford had some company this weekend. Nebraska came in recently to Chaffey J.C. and offered Joseph Carter. Carter, an Arizona commitment, enjoyed his visit, but said that he's committed to Arizona still. Stafford is going to work for Nebraska already.

"Yeah, I heard what he said. He has been talking a lot about Nebraska and I know that's where he is going to end up. Just give me some time."


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